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Professionally provides dynamic balance detection, correction and dynamic balance cleaning equipment for all types of high speed rotating workpieces (from 500 to 10,000 rpm)



Guangzhou zhuoxuanjin and you meet at the same time "changzhou motor technology expo"

Guangzhou zhuoxuanjin and you meet at the same time "changzhou motor technology expo"

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Changzhou electrical machinery technology expo opened

The 5th changzhou international motor technology & automation expo opened in changzhou international convention and exhibition center on June 4, 2019 solstice 6.Guangzhou zhuoxuan gold machinery equipment co., LTD.Booth no. : A58.

Exhibition advantage - east China motor, automation industry user coverage

Changzhou is located at the core of the Yangtze river delta economic belt, which is the most developed economy in China and one of the six largest city belts in the world.The surrounding areas of changzhou have a complete range of industries, complete supporting industries, complete technical facilities, and excellent supporting radius and capacity of the industry in the world.Changzhou has a strong industrial base, is one of the country's famous motor production base, motor and supporting industries have obvious advantages, we believe that changzhou holds motor technology exhibition to promote the Yangtze river delta and even the country motor and related equipment, key parts and components production level and the overall competitiveness of the motor industry.


The exhibition to introduce

The 5th changzhou international motor technology & automation technology expo (czms-2019) will be held in changzhou international convention and exhibition center from June 4 to 6, 2019.This year's fifth changzhou motor technology & automation technology expo, with the theme of "innovation and technology, drive China", is a professional and influential motor technology and automation technology exhibition in China.Key exhibits: energy-saving motor, motor for new energy vehicles, electric control technology, winding machine, motor professional equipment, testing instruments, magnetic materials, insulation materials, automation technology equipment and servo motion control products, motor spare parts, etc.


The exhibition scene

Zhuo xuanjin, as the industry benchmark enterprise of automatic balancing machine, intelligent dynamic balancing machine, self-driven whole mobile balancing machine and economic balancing machine, has attracted and gathered international well-known enterprises, innovative small and medium-sized enterprises, and just starting enterprises.Fifteen years of successful experience and industry influence.In changzhou electric motor exhibition, zhuo xuanjin exhibition hall full of people, the scene crowd!Zhuo xuanjin has won the trust of new and old customers at home and abroad with its excellent technology and high quality products.




Exhibition, consulting dynamic balancing machine customer stream, carefully listen to the engineer on the dynamic balancing machine.Every smile contains the recognition of guangzhou zhuoxuan gold dynamic balancing machine, and every nod means the affirmation of guangzhou zhuoxuan gold technical explanation and service.

Through the detailed introduction of the exhibits on site, the company's philosophy of "quality is the root, integrity is the basis" is highlighted, and at the same time, the major manufacturers, buyers and suppliers are allowed to witness the dynamic balance technology of zhuo xuanjin.Actively participate in the dynamic balancing machine technology communication, and express the expectation of later cooperation with us.

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