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Professionally provides dynamic balance detection, correction and dynamic balance cleaning equipment for all types of high speed rotating workpieces (from 500 to 10,000 rpm)


How much is a fully automatic balancing machine - automatic balancing machine offer - repair after sales

How much is a fully automatic balancing machine - automatic balancing machine offer - repair after sales

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I believe that the question that everyone is most concerned about is how much money does a fully automatic balancing machine need? The fully automatic balancing machine is a sophisticated automatic te

How much is a fully automatic balancing machine?
The automatic balancing machine is an intelligent instrument for balance detection. It is widely used in all kinds of household appliances rotors, vacuum cleaner motors, generators, soya-bean milk machines, washing machines, car starters and other types of rotor automatic balance correction. For manufacturers who often use balancing machines, they must not be unfamiliar with automated balancing machines.
I believe that the question that everyone is most concerned about is how much money does a fully automatic balancing machine need? The fully automatic balancing machine is a sophisticated automatic testing instrument, and different price ranges represent different product quality. Compared with the price, we are more concerned about providing customers with quality products, customer convenience, and creating maximum production value for customers. Only the satisfaction of the customer is the highest value of our company's products.
Automatic balance machine offer
The price of automatic balancing machines varies from 890,000 to several million. Each fully automatic balancing machine can be customized. Different automatic balancing machines can be customized according to the customer's product type and related parameters. In principle, the detection accuracy of the balance machine at different prices is the same. The difference lies in the convenience of use. The difference between the fully automatic balance machine and the universal balance machine is that the automatic is more convenient, and less time is spent on a large number of manual operations. It is also higher, of course, less a lot of labor costs, after a few years back to the book.
Automatic balancing machine repair
Once the automatic balancing machine is sold, any problems in the year are free on-site maintenance, commissioning, training services, and lifetime after-sales maintenance. In principle, according to the operation manual, the operation of the balancing machine will not occur. Fully automatic balancing machine life, as long as the replacement of wearing parts, 10-20 years can be used normally, automatic balancing opportunities greatly improve our quality of life.