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Professionally provides dynamic balance detection, correction and dynamic balance cleaning equipment for all types of high speed rotating workpieces (from 500 to 10,000 rpm)


How to eliminate the failure of the drive shaft balancer

How to eliminate the failure of the drive shaft balancer

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The unbalanced standard of the drive shaft balancer to correct the workpiece is beyond the minimum balance of the dynamic balancer itself, that is, the balance precision of the fault cannot meet the standard of the workpiece balance.
The rotor of the drive shaft balancing machine will have obvious vibration in practical application, which is not caused by the unbalance of the rotor itself, but because the rotor support journal is elliptical or the rotor structure has a difference in stiffness. Higher harmonics, vibrations caused by electromagnetic excitation, caused by the influence of the vortex flow caused by the blade rotor during the rotation, the resonance of the system, and the like.


Because of the frequent start-up of other equipment connected to the grid, the influence of power supply fluctuations and noise or the beat frequency interference caused by the diameter of both the support roller and the rotor journal are similar. The difference between the diameter of the roller and the size of the journal of the workpiece should be greater than 20%.

The above is about the troubleshooting of the drive shaft balancing machine, I hope to help you, in addition, if you need to buy a dynamic balancing machine, please contact us directly. The company mainly supplies automatic balancing machine, automatic positioning dynamic balancing machine, ring dynamic balancing machine, universal joint dynamic balancing machine, single double-sided vertical dynamic balancing machine, self-driving balancing machine, and can also provide quantity according to user's special workpiece requirements. The dynamic balancing machine developed by the body. Design, production, manufacturing one-stop. Affordable, convenient and fast after-sales and low cost. Long-term free balancing machine consultation.