Guangzhou Zhuo Xuanjin various balance machines and their application range


Mainly used in the balance correction of high-speed rotating workpieces in various household appliances, cooling fans, motors, generators, pumps, automobiles, printing, rollers and other industries.


Unbalanced rotor can cause machine failure


The dynamic balancing machine is to improve the quality of the rotor and its components; reduce noise; reduce vibration; improve the service life of the supporting parts (bearings); the instrument use


Zhuo Xuanjin explains the unstable factors of the measurement data of the balancing machine


In 2018, there are incomplete statistics. There are thousands of dynamic balancing machines in China. The craftsmanship and technology for making balancing machines are becoming more and more mature.


Dynamic balancing machine common faults and solutions


The above is the dynamic balancing machine failure problem and solution is a common problem found in our operation, of course, if there are other problems can not be solved, you need to contact Guangz


Is the environment one of the factors that affect the performance of the balancing machine?


The dynamic balancing machine we often use is a high-precision instrument that measures the magnitude and imbalance of the rotor imbalance. The dynamic balancing machine can effectively correct the im


Zhuo Xuanjin explains the seven factors of the rotor imbalance of the dynamic balancing machine


When we use the dynamic balancing machine, we will use a very important component, that is, the rotor, but we will also see the imbalance of the rotor of the balancing machine during the process of us

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