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Professionally provides dynamic balance detection, correction and dynamic balance cleaning equipment for all types of high speed rotating workpieces (from 500 to 10,000 rpm)


[Guangzhou Zhuo Xuanjin] balance machine application range

[Guangzhou Zhuo Xuanjin] balance machine application range

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Dynamic balancing machines are widely used and can be divided into ten categories
Dynamic balancing machines are widely used and can be divided into ten categories:
1. Various mechanical parts such as gears, torque converters, textile machine parts, and elevator parts.
2. Grinding machines, tools, various types of spindles, gears and other working machines.
3. Household vacuum cleaner motor, juice machine motor, fan, medium motor, various parts for air conditioning, computer disk and other home appliances.
4. General industrial blower
5. Various types of motors, cooling fans and superchargers for tires, crankshafts, drive shafts, clutches, brake drums and flywheels in the automotive industry.
6. Motor rotor for motor, motor rotor for recorder.
7. Engine parts for agricultural machinery, chain saws, etc.
8. Aerospace engines, propeller blades, aircraft tires, clocks, watches and other parts.
9. In the application of dynamic balancing machine, there are large generators in the heavy industry, waterwheels, large-speed gears, mixers, garbage disposal machines, etc.
10. The balance machine can be used for twisting machines, friction wheels, etc.
In addition, if you need to buy a balance test machine, please contact us directly. The company mainly supplies automatic balancing machine, semi-automatic balancing machine, belt balancing machine, universal joint balancing machine, single and double vertical balancing machine, self-driving balancing machine, and can also provide tailor-made movement according to the user's special workpiece requirements. Balance machine, design, production, manufacturing one-stop. Affordable, convenient and fast after-sales and low cost. Long-term free balancing machine consultation.
Guangzhou Zhuo Xuanjin Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.-Professional dynamic balancing machine manufacturer
All kinds of balancing machines are tailored for you. Free on-site installation and commissioning. Long-term warranty.
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