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Professionally provides dynamic balance detection, correction and dynamic balance cleaning equipment for all types of high speed rotating workpieces (from 500 to 10,000 rpm)


Safety operation of the rotor of the motor to be balanced

Safety operation of the rotor of the motor to be balanced

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The general operating procedures for motor rotor assemblers are as follows:
1. Before work, organize the site, stabilize the zeros and components, and check whether the assembly tools and working environment are safe and good.
2. When hanging large parts such as the base of the electric discharge machine, the bottom plate, the stator, the rotor, the bearing, etc., the square box or the skid must be placed. It is strictly forbidden to operate under the suspended objects, and should cooperate closely with the trainers and hook workers.
3. When the motor rotor is balanced, the safety operation rules of the dynamic balancing machine should be observed.
4. The stator of the rotor of the set motor must be placed stably and firmly, and it should be prevented from falling over.
5. When the stator and bearing seat are installed with the bottom plate, it is not allowed to place the edge pad gasket.
6. When using a hammer and a sledgehammer, you must use a solid wooden handle with a metal inverted wedge. Do not wear gloves when hammering, and pay attention to whether there are people in front and rear.
7. Observe the “Drilling Machine Safety Operation Regulations” when drilling the positioning holes. The portable drilling machine must be placed smoothly.
8. In close cooperation with the test personnel, and comply with the “Electrical Test Safety Operation Regulations”. The oil on the test platform and the motor should be wiped clean. Cross-pit springboards, ascending shelves, and upper and lower ladders must be installed firmly.
9. Safety regulations must be observed when using hand-held power tools.
10. Inflammable and explosive materials should be kept in a safe place. Do not throw them away. It is strictly forbidden to approach fireworks or high temperatures.
11. When the motor is assembled, the finger should not be placed in the gap between the end cover and the base to prevent it from being pinched when it is closed; when assembling the screw, do not use your fingers to penetrate into the hole to test.
12, wear gloves when the bearing is hot, to prevent burns.
13. When the bearings are cleaned with flammable materials, the fireworks are strictly prohibited. The heating temperature of kerosene should not exceed 60 °C. The cleaning site must have good ventilation.
14. When installing the rotor, pay attention to the burrs of the shaft pin and prevent the fingers from being cut.
15. When assembling the motor to move or move onto the workbench, pay attention to the safety of the surrounding personnel.
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