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Horizontal dynamic balance machine fault analysis and processing method

Horizontal dynamic balance machine fault analysis and processing method

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The horizontal dynamic balancing machine is a dynamic balancing machine which is horizontally balanced on the balancing machine by the rotating axis of the rotor. It is mainly used for rotating body parts such as household appliances, cooling fans, motors, generators, pumps, automobiles, printing, rollers, etc. Balance check. Normally, rotors with shafts or assembly process shafts, such as motor rotors, machine tool spindles, rollers, fans, steam turbines, supercharger rotors, etc., are suitable for horizontal dynamic balancing machines. When we are applying horizontal balancing machines When you encounter some large or small faults, the dynamic balancing machine can't work normally. The following small series will introduce how to analyze and deal with these faults.

There are many factors that cause the dynamic balancing machine to fail to work properly or fail to achieve balance precision. Some of these factors are due to the balance of the workpiece, and some are due to the machine itself or the electrical measurement system. Therefore, if a certain link is abnormal, it will definitely affect the balance of the workpiece. If we can analyze these problems in a targeted manner, we can help us to correctly distinguish and judge the various situations that occur, so as to take effective measures to reduce or eliminate these unfavorable factors. The effect on workpiece balance.

●The influence of the workpiece
1. Correcting the workpiece unbalance standard exceeds the minimum unbalanced amount of the dynamic balancing machine itself, that is, the balance precision of the dynamic balancing machine cannot meet the standard of the workpiece balance; the roundness of the journal at the support itself is not good, the surface The roughness is too low; the rigidity of the workpiece itself is not good, causing deformation due to deformation at high speed, or the workpiece itself has unfixed parts moving or loosening under rotation; the actual working state and balance check of the workpiece rotor The situation is different.
2. The corrected rotor exhibits significant vibration in practical applications, which is not caused by the imbalance of the rotor itself, but because of the high degree of stiffness caused by the difference in the stiffness of the rotor supporting journal or the rotor structure. Harmonics, vibration caused by electromagnetic excitation, caused by the influence of the vortex flow caused by the blade rotor during the rotation process, the resonance of the system, and the like.
3. The beat frequency interference caused by power supply fluctuations and noise due to frequent starting of other equipment connected to the grid or because the diameters of the support roller and the rotor journal are similar. The difference between the diameter of the roller and the size of the journal of the workpiece should be greater than 20%.
4. Because of the unbalance of the process mandrel itself or the deviation of the coaxiality between the mandrel mounting and the support, and the deviation of the clearance between the mandrel and the rotor due to the verification of the non- journal rotor, the balanced rotor is repeated. A large imbalance is caused when the school is installed or when it is applied.
5. When the unbalance amount of the workpiece rotor is corrected, the center of gravity of the weighted or de-weighted portion deviates from the corrected portion of the dynamic balance machine detection display.
●The effect of dynamic balancing machine
1. The photoelectric head of the horizontal dynamic balancing machine is not aligned with the reflective paper, the mirror surface of the photoelectric head is blurred, and the angle of the photoelectric head is deflected to cause an angular shift; the output signal of the sensor is abnormal.
2. There is dirt or no lubrication at the support; the support block is seriously worn or the roller jumps to expand.
3. The drive belt does not meet the standard and has obvious seams.
4. The left and right support of the support frame has a height that causes the rotor to move left and right or the journal plane to rub against the support; the fastening screws at the movable parts of the support frame are not fastened.
5. The foundation of the dynamic balancing machine is not in conformity with the standard, the bottom joint surface is not solid, the anchor bolt is not fastened, or placed on the floor, causing resonance.