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Professionally provides dynamic balance detection, correction and dynamic balance cleaning equipment for all types of high speed rotating workpieces (from 500 to 10,000 rpm)


[Zhuo Xuanjin] balance machine structure analysis

[Zhuo Xuanjin] balance machine structure analysis

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The balancing machine is an instrument that detects the magnitude and location of the unbalanced amount of the rotating workpiece (rotor). Centrifugal forces due to uneven mass distribution with respect to the axis as the rotor rotates about its axis. Such unbalanced centrifugal forces acting on the rotor bearings will cause vibrations, causing noise and accelerating bearing damage, which will seriously jeopardize the performance and service life of the product, so the balance machine should be used for calibration. How can we not be fooled when purchasing a balancing machine? Xiaobian takes you deep into the structure of the dynamic balancing machine:


The balancing machine is mainly composed of three parts: the electric measuring part, the electric control part and the mechanical part, and the three parts are indispensable, which all play an important role in selecting the balancing machine. Each composition has its own role.


1. Electrical measurement system: The main function is to process the electrical signal from the sensor, showing the location and size of the rotor imbalance. This is a key component in the balancing machine, and its quality directly affects the performance of the balancing machine.


2. Mechanical part: Taking the general horizontal dynamic balance as an example, the bed at the lower part of the balancing machine is the basis for placing the components of the balancing machine and the stable equipment. The rotor is supported by the left and right two swing frames to provide the rotor rotation condition. The belt or the coupling is used to drag the rotor to rotate, and the vibration signal is converted into an electrical signal to the electric measuring part according to the sensors mounted on the two pendulums, and the mechanical part also includes auxiliary members such as an axial stop frame and a safety frame.


3. Electronic control part: It is the component that controls the start and stop and shifting of the motor that drives the dynamic balancing machine, also called the electric control box. The electronic control part is DC control and AC control. The AC control is divided into two-speed AC control and variable frequency AC control. Some electric control parts and mechanical parts of the balancing machine are integrated.


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