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Professionally provides dynamic balance detection, correction and dynamic balance cleaning equipment for all types of high speed rotating workpieces (from 500 to 10,000 rpm)


The factors that cause the precision of the dynamic balancing machine to decrease are those

The factors that cause the precision of the dynamic balancing machine to decrease are those

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There are many factors that cause the dynamic balancing machine to fail to work properly or fail to achieve balance precision. It may be a factor that is balanced by the workpiece, or it may be a factor of the machine itself or the electrical measurement system. Therefore, if an abnormality occurs in a certain link, it will definitely affect the balance of the workpiece. If we can analyze these problems in a targeted manner, we can help us to correctly distinguish and judge the causes of various conditions, and then take effective measures to reduce or eliminate these. The effect of unfavorable factors on the balance of the workpiece. So what is the relationship between the tooling workpiece and the dynamic balancing machine? The following small series will introduce you to everyone.
    1. The tooling is not made according to the requirements. The matching surface jump and end jump of the tooling and the workpiece are poor, which causes the workpiece to rotate on the dynamic balance machine and the actual rotary axis of the workpiece is different.
    2. The rigidity of the workpiece itself is not good. The deformation occurs at high speed and the mass is shifted or the workpiece itself has unfixed parts moving or loosening under rotation.
    3. The workpiece is deformed after cooling when the workpiece is welded.
    4. The direction of rotation of the workpiece of the universal joint driven dynamic balancing machine is the same as that of the spindle indicated by the headstock of the headstock box. It cannot be reversed. (If the reversal needs to be calibrated again, the angle indication needs to be replaced)
    5. What is the quality of the workpiece shaft diameter? The circular runout and the shaft diameter bump will make the signal unstable.
    6. The rotor shaft bends or rounds and the finish is poor.
    7. Roller bearing ball wear or roller outer circle finish, round beating is poor (roller round jump should be controlled within 1 wire).
    8. The top force of the axial stop frame is too large.
    9. The dynamic balancing machine of the rolling bearing rotor is equipped with a rotor with a rolling bearing. When balancing, it is better to balance with the rolling bearing, thereby eliminating the imbalance caused by the eccentricity of the inner ring of the rolling bearing. The rotor with the bearing is usually carried out on the V-shaped bearing.
    The above is the impact of the tooling workpiece on the dynamic balancing machine, I hope to help everyone.