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Professionally provides dynamic balance detection, correction and dynamic balance cleaning equipment for all types of high speed rotating workpieces (from 500 to 10,000 rpm)


Should the balance of the dynamic balance machine be proofread?

Should the balance of the dynamic balance machine be proofread?

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The origin of balance machine precision
Because of the precision and rotor limitations of the dynamic balancing device, it is technically impossible to balance an unbalanced rotor to zero unbalance. Therefore, there is a definition of balance precision, that is, the most effective numerical magnitude that we can achieve under the existing conditions, thus satisfying the standards of manufacturing and meeting the economic standards.
This understanding of balance machine precision
1: After the balancing machine achieves the unbalanced amount of the workpiece, the imbalance and the angle measured by the balancing machine are changing. It is allowed by the balancing machine. After the precision range of the balancing machine is exceeded, it is definitely changing. For example, the workpiece does not have unevenness. To measure, the balance machine can't confirm the amount of imbalance and angle. In other words, it will change after the balance precision of the balance machine.
2: Under the condition of repeated clamping of the workpiece, the balance of the measured values ​​and angles is changed due to the uncertainty of the fit between the workpiece and the tooling, resulting in each clamping of the workpiece. There is a deviation between the center line of the rotation and the center line of the quality. If there is a deviation of 0.002mm, an unbalance amount of about 2g will appear. Therefore, it is inevitable that the workpiece will be unbalanced in this case. It can only be said that the deviation is minimized. But can't be eliminated.
3: The best result is that, for example, our workpiece balance standard is below 3g, then we need to ensure that the balance function can be corrected to within 3g, and the workpiece should not exceed 3g under any flip condition.

Balancer correction method
In the measurement standard of the dynamic balancing machine, a relatively detailed description is made for the measurement of the universal dynamic balancing machine, and the measurement of the special-purpose dynamic balancing machine is carried out with reference to the measurement of the universal dynamic balancing machine. Applications, especially the emergence of special-purpose balancing machines, the measurement is obviously not measurable. Therefore, according to the principle of dynamic balance combined with the measurement method of universal dynamic balancing machine. Grasp the core of the balancing machine measurement: at least the remaining unevenness Measure e0, the rate of imbalance reduction URR. Through the test method, the minimum unbalanced amount of the balance machine can be measured first, then the test weight is calculated by this result, and then the minimum unbalanced amount of the balance machine can be verified. Is it qualified? Confirm the imbalance reduction rate of the balance machine by the circle chart method, and obtain the accuracy of the balance machine in the direction indication.