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Professionally provides dynamic balance detection, correction and dynamic balance cleaning equipment for all types of high speed rotating workpieces (from 500 to 10,000 rpm)


Drive shaft dynamic balancing machine steps

Drive shaft dynamic balancing machine steps

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Every dynamic balancing machine needs to know how it operates before application. The transmission shaft balancing machine is a member of the dynamic balancing machine family. Its operation steps are actually not complicated. The following small series is Let me introduce you in detail.
First, the operator must understand the basic conditions and quality standards of the tested drive shaft, and be familiar with the basic structure, operation method, and precautions of the drive shaft balancer, and obtain the operation qualification certificate or approval. The learner must be guided by a qualified master to operate the drive shaft balancer.
Second, the operator should wear protective clothing, protective shoes, wear safety helmets, protective gloves.
Third, check the dynamic balancing machine components are complete, intact, clean, and firmly connected. There is no major vibration in the workplace.
Fourth, the operation method:
1. Install the drive shaft on the balancer.
2. Close the QF (power switch) and the HL (power indicator) should be on.
3. Set the SA (transfer switch) to high speed or low speed as needed.
4. Press the SB1 button and M (motor) turns.
5. Start the computer and double-click the “Universal Dynamic Balancing Machine Measurement System” icon.
6. Click the “Measurement Display” panel and click the “Heavily” or “De-weight” button according to the balancing process (adding or de-duplicating) to select the corresponding status.
7. Save and print the measurement results.
8. After the measurement is completed, press the SB2 button to turn off the computer, organize and wipe the relevant items, and clean the work place.
Five, note:
1. When the dynamic balancing machine rotates, the operator should stand on the side.
2. The measurement system shall not be deleted or changed at will, and other software may not be installed in the host computer.
3. The dynamic balancing machine should be kept clean at all times, and the lubricating oil should be applied to the surface of the guide rail.
4. If the dynamic balancing machine is not applied for a long time, the industrial computer should be preheated for several hours.
5. The dynamic balancing machine should be stored in a place that is dry, dust-free, and the sun cannot be directly exposed.
The above is the operating principle of the drive shaft balance, I hope to help you.