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Professionally provides dynamic balance detection, correction and dynamic balance cleaning equipment for all types of high speed rotating workpieces (from 500 to 10,000 rpm)


Is the measurement accuracy of the horizontal ring-driven balancing machine lower than that of the self-driven balancing machine?

Is the measurement accuracy of the horizontal ring-driven balancing machine lower than that of the self-driven balancing machine?

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The precision of the self-driven dynamic balancing machine is actually the same as that of the horizontal belt. The reason why some workpieces are suitable for measurement with a self-driven dynamic balancing machine is determined by the characteristics of the workpiece. A workpiece suitable for this model is generally a rotor that can be measured with a motor, such as a blower. Since this type of product is itself assembled by a fan and a motor, the wind balance is mounted on the motor and then the dynamic balance measurement is performed. This eliminates the error of separately installing the blade and then mounting the motor. Since the inner hole of the fan blade and the shaft on the motor always have certain tolerances, and the position of the tolerance is different when loading and unloading, the influence on the dynamic balance will be different. Therefore, if it is such a product, it is more suitable for self-driven dynamic balancing machine to measure.

Of course, self-driven dynamic balancing machines are more suitable for full inspection products. As long as the rotor is mounted on the motor, the product that is no longer loading and unloading can be used, and the effect is definitely better than separately measuring a workpiece and then assembling it.

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