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Professionally provides dynamic balance detection, correction and dynamic balance cleaning equipment for all types of high speed rotating workpieces (from 500 to 10,000 rpm)


How to choose dynamic balancing machine for crankshaft dynamic balance correction

How to choose dynamic balancing machine for crankshaft dynamic balance correction

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The difference in working principle between the soft and hard support dynamic balancing machine must result in differences in structure and operation methods, resulting in their respective advantages and disadvantages. Careful analysis is required when making choices. Some balanced workpieces must use soft supports, some must use hard supports, some soft supports are better, and some hard support advantages are more obvious.

(1) For the mass production of light and small crankshafts, the balance of the crankshaft is generally limited, and it is basically known when purchasing the balancer. At this time, the soft support balancer should be selected, and the advantage of high sensitivity can be exerted. The parasitic quality effect has been affected by Manufacturer control is within the range that does not affect accuracy. The limited set of calibration data can be stored in the measuring instrument and used by the operator as a permanent calibration.

(2) For mass production of crankshafts with a certain weight, the characteristics of the rotor are also small, and basically known, but the impact resistance is required to be higher. At this time, a hard bearing balancing machine should be used, but the work is more permanent. Above the calibration range, close to the resonance zone (also known as the semi-rigid balancer), high sensitivity is achieved, and the structure is strong and the reliability is high.

(3) Most of the rotors are produced or repaired in single or medium and small batches. The balance of rotors required is varied and cannot be determined in advance. At this time, a universal crankshaft dynamic balancing machine is required. At this time, the hard bearing balance machine has its unique advantages. Its permanent calibration, allowing for large initial imbalances and high reliability are exploited.
The company advocates learning German and Japanese mechanical design and production concepts. Now it has a professional technical research and development team. It can carry out equipment technology improvement and transformation according to the user's existing dynamic balancing machine. It can also provide tailor-made non-standard dynamic balancing machine according to the user's special workpiece requirements;

The core components of the company's dynamic balance are made of high-quality electronic original components and imported originals, which better guarantee the stability of the dynamic balancing equipment and the service life of the equipment, and better guarantee the high quality requirements of the products. Localized production has better reduced the transportation and maintenance costs of imported equipment, and also enables users to purchase the most practical products with the most economical cost, thus making our products more competitive in the market. Friends who need a balancing machine can contact us at any time.