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Professionally provides dynamic balance detection, correction and dynamic balance cleaning equipment for all types of high speed rotating workpieces (from 500 to 10,000 rpm)


Dynamic balancing machine common faults and solutions

Dynamic balancing machine common faults and solutions

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The above is the dynamic balancing machine failure problem and solution is a common problem found in our operation, of course, if there are other problems can not be solved, you need to contact Guangz

Before we talked about the concept of dynamic balancing machine, this issue gives you some reasons for the common dynamic balancing machine failure and the corresponding maintenance methods.
First, the measurement value error is large: the measurement value error includes the angle error and the amplitude error. The factors affecting the balance effect are a combination of factors.

1. First check if the rotor being balanced is qualified.
This is often encountered in the maintenance industry, such as a car drive shaft may have the shaft itself bent, the joint gap is too large, the spline shaft clearance is too large, or the flange fork joint spring piece loose, resulting in the joint universal These problems can lead to large balance errors. In the case of a curved drive shaft, it can be straightened with a straightening machine and then balanced: the universal joint of the flange fork link causes the balanced rotor to reverse 180°, resulting in a new imbalance. At this time, be sure to press the spring piece. Or add a thin copper skin fastening. The universal joint has a large clearance and can be replaced. The spline shaft can be repaired. If it is still not balanced, only the new drive shaft can be replaced. This is a typical case. Other axes may also have problems caused by various processing and assembly. The same faults must be checked first.
2 . Is the balance speed stable?
The balancing machine generally sends the speed signal as a reference signal to the measuring system. If the speed is unstable, the reference signal is also unstable, and it is unstable after the processing by the microcomputer, and the error is large. In this case, check if the belt of the motor pulley is too loose: the belt driven rotor, whether the belt slips. If the above situation occurs, the belt needs to be tightened or replaced, and the speedometer can be used to check the speed of the motor itself.
3 . The sensor is transmitted out.
If the sensor has no output, or the output is unstable, it will cause balance error. The high-sensitivity three-meter can be used in the field to check whether the two sensors have output signals and watch the signal changes carefully. If there is no output signal, check whether the sensor is short-circuited. If it is a magneto-electric sensor, it depends on whether the sensor connecting rod is bent or not. If this is the case, connect the wire or correct the sensor connecting rod. . If there is a signal, but it is unstable, check the sensor for looseness or short circuit between the coils. If it is a piezoelectric sensor, you can tighten the screws at both ends of the piezoelectric sensor. If it is not enough, you have to replace the sensor.
4 . Recalibration
In the general balance machine measurement system, there are storage functions for storing different types of rotors. Sometimes, due to the aging of the components of the electrical measurement system, or the influence of temperature, the parameters of a certain type of rotor are changed, resulting in errors in calibration. Recalibrate the rotor.

Second, no speed or display speed change is too large
1 . If a reflective paper or a reticle is attached to the balancer as a reference line for detecting the rotational speed signal of the phase detector, in fact, since the scribe line is covered by dust or the reflective paper is detached, there is no rotation speed or the rotation speed is excessively changed.
2 . The distance between the phase detector and the reflective paper should be appropriate. Different phase detectors have different distances for transmitting and receiving light. In this case, it is necessary to consider adjusting the distance.

Third, the display measurement data is 0 or very small, and the weight change is not large.
1 . Use a three-meter meter to measure, if the resistance is abnormal, repair or replace: If it is a piezoelectric sensor, its output voltage can generally be measured. If there is no voltage output or abnormal phenomenon, it needs to be adjusted or replaced.
2 . Check if the connection between the sensor output and the electrical measuring box is connected. If it is broken or soldered, it should be turned on.

The above is the dynamic balancing machine failure problem and solution is a common problem found in our operation, of course, if there are other problems can not be solved, you need to contact Guangzhou Zhuo Xuanjin professional and technical personnel to debug. Although this is a high-precision instrument, but because its own principle structure is more complicated, so you can make a specific understanding of the introduction of Xiaobian here. When using the Zhuo Xuan Jin dynamic balancing machine, we should also pay attention to cleaning and maintenance. In this case, the malfunction of the dynamic balancing machine can be reduced, and the malfunction of the dynamic balancing machine can be better avoided.