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Professionally provides dynamic balance detection, correction and dynamic balance cleaning equipment for all types of high speed rotating workpieces (from 500 to 10,000 rpm)


Rotor balancing process

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And rotor radius and rotor speed, rotor unbalance tolerance and so on, and then set the file name save.

1. We take the rotor input command from the file, input a, b, c, rotor radius and rotor speed, rotor unbalance tolerance and so on, and then set the file name to save.

2. Balance process

We use the rotor made last time as an example to illustrate the balance process:

A =2.110 b =0.450 c =2.150 center distance =1.755 rotational speed =400 tolerance range 10g

Idle: 1.23 Kg 120 ° 1.41 Kg 165 ° (now idling, understand the unbalance of the rotor, and compensation for the first time to do the next operation)

Run a: 1.22 Kg 122 ° 1.41 Kg 162 ° (180 ° to turn the rotor and the second run)

Run 2:1.72 Kg 310 ° 1.63 Kg 356 ° (accept two run after compensation value)

The initial unbalance: 1.53 Kg 301 ° 1.49 Kg 348 °

After the initial unbalance is obtained, according to the data of the rotor clamp, the result is:

(1), 132 g 359 ° 287 ° 145 g

We move the clip to: 294 ° and 352 ° to 1.53 Kg and 1.49 Kg to 1.90 Kg and 1.80 Kg respectively

(2) from the turn of the results as follows: 19 g 32 g 220 ° 33 ° Angle as a benchmark, we have computers clamp on the way to find the best position of the rotor with emphasis.If we find the best position we can weld something on the rotor counterweight.Last time is 287 ° and 359 ° two points of the 32 gb and 19 g is the best location.Because we have been posted at several points in the clip, but is always bigger than 32 gb and 19 g, so we in the 287 ° and 359 ° two position welding.This standard of rotor unbalance, we calculated the rough measure range is 15 g, or less obviously we last two data can not meet the requirements, so we have 287 and 359 two points as a benchmark for the second best balance point, finally we find something 203 ° and 343 ° two spot welding after unbalance were 8.3 g and 6.7 g, obviously the two data within 15 g, our balance has reached the standard requirements.

Then: the process of balancing the rotor is to complete the compensation in the case of rotor rotation to find the weight of the position above the matching things, the unbalance adjustment to the standard requirements