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Secret: How is the balancing machine priced?

Secret: How is the balancing machine priced?

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Seeing such a question on the Internet - how is the dynamic balancing machine priced? What is the difference between the sixty-seven thousand and hundreds of thousands of balancing machines and the on

Seeing such a question on the Internet - how is the dynamic balancing machine priced? What is the difference between the sixty-seven thousand and hundreds of thousands of balancing machines and the one or two thousand balancing machines? Can such a difference lead to such a big difference?

I believe this problem has plagued many children's shoes. Here, I have sorted out the answers of the big cows on the Internet and shared them with everyone:


Today I saw a long answer written on the Internet, I feel good, recommended, you can look at it.

Here I add some of the information mentioned in the reply and the newly collected information, and at the same time modify the structure of the original answer.

First, answer the question “Where is the difference between the sixty-seven thousand and hundreds of thousands of balancing machines and the one or two thousand balancing machines?” and “Does such a difference lead to such a big difference?” Two questions because I think this is what the subject really wants to know.

The first question, sixty-seven thousand, hundreds of thousands of balancing machines and one or two thousand balancing machines must be different.


In the past, the balance has been omitted. In addition to the design differences, the balancer structure is also a place to reflect the technical content, including fixtures, transmission structures, auxiliary de-weighting devices, ergonomic optimization, etc. Two are used to ensure the efficiency of the balancer, which is to improve the efficiency of the operator when correcting; the latter two are simply human-computer interaction design, providing a better experience.

2. Manufacturing process.
As an example of the balancing machine assembly, it is necessary for the balancing machine to work properly in order to work properly. To ensure the accuracy of this component, it is not only necessary to balance the hard power of the machine manufacturer's technical equipment level, but also a special engineer to design the corresponding process. The weaker balance machine manufacturer can't really do it well, then The balance machine manufacturers that have achieved it naturally have stronger bargaining power.



3. Materials
In terms of the balancer parts and wear mentioned above, what kind of material is made of parts that can withstand five years and ten years of long-term wear without failure? These parts are not only the balance machine manufacturers, but the basic industries of the whole country have an impact on them. If you can't develop the parts with such performance requirements, then the companies that can make such parts will naturally have bargaining. ability.

4. Technology
More representative is the angle tracking and automatic positioning with the adjustment of the piece, a good balancing machine also needs a matching measurement system to play its potential, the specific performance is the so-called handling, such as accurate positioning, Whether the correction causes errors, etc., as well as the measurement accuracy of the rotor, the formation optimization of this piece of motor-sensor-signal conversion-measurement system is the main part that determines whether the operator is simple or not.

5. Brand
Product differentiation refers to the different characteristics and differences of products provided by different manufacturers in the production of similar products. The purpose of manufacturers to manufacture differentiated products is to attract buyers' special preferences for manufacturers and thus occupy a favorable position in the market competition. The balancing machine is a durable consumer product with the strongest product differentiation. Consumers are not familiar with the performance, economy, reliability and other indicators. Therefore, when consumers purchase the balancing machine, the brand becomes one of the main factors affecting their purchasing decision. . (This paragraph is pasted.)

6. Sales.
It is not in trouble, a considerable part of the balance machine development and production is a fixed investment, starting from the preliminary planning, doing the design, the shape is doing the structural analysis, and then doing the process design, process planning, construction supporting production platform, development dedicated Mold, test output to do aging test, such as performance, accuracy analysis, etc., to find problems to be modified, to promote after mass production, these are the money that must be spent, if it is economic balance Machines, fixed costs can be spread very thin, but if it is a fully automatic balancing machine with a sales volume of only a few thousand, then this part of the cost can only be spread over these high-consumption groups.



Having said this, let’s look at this second question. “Can such a difference lead to such a big price difference?”

1. The difference is that there is a big price difference in terms of cost. In production, in order to pursue higher operations, resulting in higher performance requirements, the result will increase production costs exponentially. This should not be difficult to understand, the measurement time from 30 seconds to 15 seconds and from 5 seconds to 3 seconds is definitely a lot worse.

2. First summarize some of the more obvious differences in the experience of different balancing machines:

(1) Appearance

(2) Balance accuracy, measurement efficiency, and imbalance reduction rate

(3) Service life

(4) operational stability

(5) Human-computer interaction experience

Finally, the title of this question is "How is the balancing machine priced?" (finally back...)

As for the question of how the price of the balancing machine is priced, it is a major issue for the balancing machine manufacturer itself. As a small series, I can’t answer it completely. In fact, in today’s market economy, the balancing machine manufacturer sells the economy. The type balance machine or the fully automatic balance machine is still determined according to the supply and demand relationship. The balance machine manufacturer will develop a detailed development plan before the development of new products to avoid decision mistakes.

For my answer, everyone should be popular with common sense.