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Professionally provides dynamic balance detection, correction and dynamic balance cleaning equipment for all types of high speed rotating workpieces (from 500 to 10,000 rpm)


Wind blade balancing machine improves fan blade balance

Wind blade balancing machine improves fan blade balance

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After analyzing the demand of the wind turbine industry and understanding the specific requirements of the customers in the wind blade industry, the relevant staff of Guangzhou Zhuoxuan Jin Dynamic B

The wind turbine is our abbreviation for gas compression and gas transmission machinery. The fans used in life and industry are also very extensive, and the types are very numerous. However, when we theoretically discuss the dynamic balance state of the blades, they are manufacturing. Wind blade material (material is uniform, continuous, isotropic, ie free of impurities), process (stamping, spraying, riveting, assembly), geometrical tolerance (motor shaft, blade hole, wind) When the blade blade is processed and the like is in an ideal state, it is impossible to do it under actual conditions. There is a certain error between the actual state and the ideal state of the blade;

Wind leaf introduction
In the second half of 2008, affected by the international and domestic macroeconomic situation, the domestic power supply load growth slowed down. Under the condition that a limited number of thermal power units were limited in output, the development momentum of wind power generation was still rapid, and the investment in wind power blades showed a good momentum of development against the market. .

The cause of the failure of the blade
1. Long-term work. Long-term operation makes the blades long-term start-up, because the coating is scratched or peeled off to cause rust, causing dynamic imbalance to damage the equipment.
2. In order to pursue higher profits, management requires the design of low-cost components in order to give enterprises more space. The design department sometimes has to make compromises, such as reducing the blade root diameter to reduce the cost of the hub and blades, but the reduction in blade root size results in insufficient blade strength, such as poor quality but price. Cheap raw materials, which often lead to fatal flaws in the blade.
3. Because the shaft is bent or rusted, the motor does not turn and burns the windings during power transmission, but there are often cases where the windings are burnt and the motor is still flexible.
4, the balance of the blade itself is not good
The blade is unbalanced, and the shaking force is getting larger and larger when rotating. The long-term operation causes the bearing to wear out, the vibration is intensified, the fuse contact is deteriorated, or the motor lead is broken, causing the two phases to run and burn out.

The wind blade vertical automatic positioning balance machine makes the balance of the blade no longer difficult.

After analyzing the demand of the wind turbine industry and understanding the specific requirements of the customers in the wind blade industry, the relevant staff of Guangzhou Zhuoxuan Jin Dynamic Balance Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. adopted the Zhuo Xuanjin dynamic balance technology to develop and produce the automatic positioning balance of the blade. machine. Zhuo Xuan Jin Fengye automatic positioning and balancing machine adopts Zhuo Xuanjin's electric measuring system, which can be widely applied to the dynamic balance correction of fan blades and wind wheels. The automatic positioning and balancing equipment can better meet the customer's mass production needs.

The wind blade is an important key component in the fan, and the dynamic balance standard of the blade directly affects the performance of the fan. With the rapid development of China's wind turbine industry, the demand for wind blades has also increased significantly. Therefore, the batch balancing of wind blades and the improvement of the quality and efficiency of wind turbine dynamic balance have been paid attention to by fans and fan manufacturers. At the same time, the wind blade balancing machine is also In particular, I received the attention of major manufacturers.