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Professionally provides dynamic balance detection, correction and dynamic balance cleaning equipment for all types of high speed rotating workpieces (from 500 to 10,000 rpm)


Where to go without the core technology

Where to go without the core technology

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The era of automated production is beginning. Some domestic giants and start-ups have launched their own fully automatic balance machine products and concepts. The influx of manufacturers is undoubted

The era of automated production is beginning. Some domestic giants and start-ups have launched their own fully automatic balance machine products and concepts. The influx of manufacturers is undoubtedly a gratifying thing, but at present, domestic fully automatic balance machine related companies Overall, there are no cutting-edge technological innovations, patents, and relatively low-end products are not very mature .. How to make the domestic dynamic balancing machine industry develop better? We need to think calmly, explore, and find a healthy development model ..

Lack of core technology: The automatic balancing machine is mainly composed of two parts, the drive and the system. Core components such as drive controllers, systems and high-precision sensors are still foreign brands.

Lack of artisan spirit: Domestic cottage culture prevails, likes copying from the east to the west, and does not focus on independent development. Adhering to the concept of "make money fast and seek speed", the cottage manufacturers will naturally not touch technically difficult products. However, the hardware and software technologies of the rotor automatic balancing machine need to be carefully polished to create a good product that consumers can trust and satisfy. At present, domestic dynamic balancing machine companies are basically all you have and I have to have. Once a new product is developed, once it is introduced to the market, the second and third companies will come out one after another. It ’s just a change of appearance. The patent is basically It's a piece of waste paper!


More hype than hard work: Many startups, especially those that have emerged in the last two years, are being valued. Of course, we cannot deny that these new companies have a keen sense of smell and contribution to the new market, but if they enter the capital market through gimmicks, they will not focus on the actual technology development and will eventually be abandoned by capital. Technology and products are king and future.

It is undeniable that with the help of capital and policies, the domestic fully automatic balancing machine industry entered a stage of rapid growth in 2016. Domestic dynamic balancing machine manufacturers must formulate practical strategies based on their own conditions, adhere to survival first, and develop core competitiveness ..

The first is advanced standards. The entire field of full-automatic balancing machines expects the unification of software and hardware standards. At present, each platform builds its own barriers, the hardware is independent and unsupported, and the software development is fragmented, causing significant waste of resources and difficulty in development, leading to high cost of collaborative programming in the industrial chain and restricting the development of the industrial ecology. Even without industry standards, some specifications are still necessary.
The second is to attach importance to independent development. Polish the product, accumulate corresponding technology, and have its own core technology. We should focus on forward-looking technological innovation, not just business model innovation.

The third is to focus on the market. Domestic enterprises should strive to meet market demand, and in accordance with their own innovation and efforts; use all available resources to guide the development of new applications and new markets, and find their own position in the industrial ecosystem; expand through external markets and brand building , To create an advantageous brand with market influence and attractive industrial chain, and complete its own ecosystem value gains in the new industry to achieve sustainable development.

The world of noisy and dynamic balance machines focuses on good practice; it is called tossing and wandering in a hurry and quick success; clear goals and extreme concentration are the true abilities.



This article is provided by Guangzhou Zhuoxuanjin Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. The company specializes in the design, development and sales of automatic balancing machines, automatic positioning dynamic balancing machines, self-driven full-automatic balancing machines, loop-driven balancing machines, universal joint balancing machines, Horizontal dynamic balance machine, vertical dynamic balance machine, on-site dynamic balance instrument, etc., you can also develop various types of dynamic balance machine according to your requirements.

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