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The future of balancing machines

The future of balancing machines

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In recent years, with the rapid development of intelligent manufacturing, industrial automation and dynamic balancing automation, the dynamic balancing machine industry has ushered in an explosion. In

In recent years, with the rapid development of intelligent manufacturing, industrial automation and dynamic balancing automation, the dynamic balancing machine industry has ushered in an explosion. In particular, the upsurge in the field of intelligent dynamic balance correction has opened a key breakthrough for the expansion of the application field of dynamic balance machines, and the market of dynamic balance machines has begun to expand significantly.

With the advent of the era of intelligent technology, factory automation has become an irreversible development trend. At the same time, the rising labor costs and the huge demand for various energy resources by enterprises have also led to the development of industrial automation equipment industries. At present, China's manufacturing The industry is accelerating the pace of transformation and upgrading. Automated production is gradually being valued and applied by enterprises, and it continues to promote the development of Industry 4.0.

In fact, there are only a handful of balancing machine concepts that can really win a place in the domestic balancing machine market. While Chinese robots cannot break through in the world's strongest forest, but in the branch of dynamic balancing machines, everyone seems to be more optimistic about a subdivision in the concept of dynamic balancing machines, fully automatic balancing machines.

Automatic balancing machine (全自动平衡机) refers to a dynamic balancing machine equipped with an automatic correction device such as a V knife or R knife, which can perform de-duplication correction on the measured imbalance, and has functions such as safety protection and rotor dynamic balance correction. There is no need for an operator's dynamic balancing machine, and the rotor can be automatically transferred by linking the assembly line.


According to industry forecasts, China's domestic sales of automatic balancing machines will reach 9,500 units in 2019, a year-on-year growth rate of more than 40%. From the perspective of the domestic market, the demand for full-automatic balancing machines in many rotor industries continues to rise. Rotor automation industries such as generators, electric tool motors, and automobile starters will continue to be the main application market for fully-automatic balancing machines for some time. .

Rotor dynamic balance machine automation development speeds up, automatic balance machine is expected to usher in an explosion
At present, there are about 60 full-automatic balancer companies that are mainly active in the market. Due to the late progress of foreign full-automatic balancer companies in developing the Chinese market, domestic full-automatic balancer companies have seized the opportunity in the domestic market and have high cost-effective advantages and The ability of customers to provide personalized services, domestic companies have a market share of 90%. In terms of industry applications, the current domestic and foreign automatic balancing machine markets are mainly concentrated in the automotive starter, generator, vacuum cleaner motor, washing machine motor, and soybean milk machine industries.

In terms of application and promotion, the current automatic balancing machine products are still based on traditional rotor dynamic balance correction. Although automatic balancing machines are widely used, many industries involving dynamic balancing, such as motors and fans, can be applied to automatic balancing. Machine products, but there are difficulties in promotion. For example, for a large-scale rotor manufacturer, it is more luxurious to invest tens of thousands of yuan in a fully automatic rotor balancing machine.

Although the domestic market of fully automatic balancing machines has gradually expanded, the products and application technologies of fully automatic balancing machines have not accumulated much core technology, and their innovation capacity is insufficient. In addition, most of the core components such as motors and sensors are imported from abroad. The core and key technologies are controlled by others, which also restricts the development of the domestic automatic balancing machine industry.

China Transmission Industry 4.0 is ushering in a new wave of development. The combination of "Internet + Manufacturing" is a highlight. The introduction of information technology such as automation and big data will promote efficient production in traditional manufacturing. Dynamic balance correction is an important part of the manufacture of rotating objects. The rapid growth of the domestic fully-automatic balance machine industry can fundamentally improve the operating efficiency of the rotor dynamic balance correction system, which will have a profound impact on China's manufacturing industry.

In the future, advanced countries will be committed to the advancement of intelligent automation technology, emphasizing green energy-saving and environmentally-friendly manufacturing, in order to consolidate the basics of manufacturing, enhance industrial competitiveness, and take into account environmental sustainable development. On the other hand, advanced countries will plan their technical blueprints for medical and various service robots to respond to social and environmental changes.

This article is provided by Guangzhou Zhuoxuanjin Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. The company specializes in the design, development and sales of automatic balancing machines, automatic positioning dynamic balancing machines, self-driven full-automatic balancing machines, loop driven balancing machines, universal joint balancing machines Horizontal dynamic balance machine, vertical dynamic balance machine, on-site dynamic balance instrument, etc., you can also develop various types of dynamic balance machine according to your requirements.

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