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Cost analysis of profit application of intelligent dynamic balancing machine

Cost analysis of profit application of intelligent dynamic balancing machine

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Dynamic balancing machines are the most typical mechatronics instruments, and they are used in a wide range of applications. The application of the dynamic balancing machine in the rotor industry has

Dynamic balancing machines are the most typical mechatronics instruments, and they are used in a wide range of applications. The application of the dynamic balancing machine in the rotor industry has achieved high-precision and high-efficiency production of rotor balance, meeting the quality requirements of motor assembly and processing equipment, and automated processing has greatly improved production efficiency .. The highly automated and intelligent dynamic balancing machine Not only has made great efforts for the development of the rotor industry, but also has an important impact on future production and social development.

Intelligent rotor dynamic balancing machine, as the most automated product in rotor production equipment, is increasingly used in motors, fans, spindles and other industries. Although the intelligent dynamic balancing machine is small in size, it does not affect its powerful measurement capability. It does not need to manually find the angle of the unbalanced amount, and it can achieve half an hour of training to work. Moreover, with the development of the dynamic balancing machine, The most traditional and popular digital display and pointer have been upgraded to liquid crystal display dynamic balancing machines. From the angle of manually finding the unbalance amount by attaching reflective bars on the rotor to the automatic positioning of the unbalance amount without marking. Labor costs.



In this intelligent era, all kinds of intelligent equipment will appear in our field of vision, such as intelligent dynamic balancing machines, intelligent dynamic winding machines, intelligent dynamic welding machines and so on. With the rapid development of these intelligent devices, enterprises have realized intelligence, people enjoy convenient lives, and profit is the core value considered by the enterprise. So what is the reason for the decline in the profit of intelligent dynamic balancing machines?

Last year, domestic intelligent dynamic balancing machines accounted for 90% of the market share. Although foreign mobile balancing machine companies entered the domestic market very early, the domestic dynamic balancing machine application market was not fully open at that time, leaving domestic balancing machine companies. A place ..

China's large intelligent balance machine companies have set off a price war. They all want to occupy more market share. The price reductions have led to the continuous decline of the entire industry's profits. In fact, the profit of dynamic balancing machines has been very transparent, because some dynamic balancing machine companies use imported parts, the cost is not easy to control, the manufacturing costs are expensive, and crazy low-price competition to seize the market is the main reason that leads to the decline of China's dynamic balancing machine profits. .

In the field of dynamic balancing machines, in order to obtain more orders, at the expense of product quality, some companies have achieved the goal of saving costs and reducing prices. As a result, which manufacturers of high-quality dynamic balancing machines have to reduce prices, directly leading to the profits of dynamic balancing machines. The reduction.

How to make a profit under the situation that the profit of China's dynamic balancing machine is declining? The suggestion given by Zhuo Xuanjin of Guangzhou is that dynamic balancing machine enterprises should maintain the quality service system of intelligent dynamic balancing machines, conduct professional inspections and customize services for major enterprises, and only provide enterprises with suitable professional intelligent dynamic balancing machines. The market is a bit smaller and there is no problem with profit development.

This article is provided by Guangzhou Zhuoxuanjin Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. The company specializes in the design, development and sales of automatic balancing machines, automatic positioning dynamic balancing machines, self-driven full-automatic balancing machines, loop-driven balancing machines, universal joint balancing machines, Horizontal dynamic balance machine, vertical dynamic balance machine, on-site dynamic balance instrument, etc., you can also develop various types of dynamic balance machine according to your requirements.

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