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Professionally provides dynamic balance detection, correction and dynamic balance cleaning equipment for all types of high speed rotating workpieces (from 500 to 10,000 rpm)


The architecture of automatic balancing machine system

The architecture of automatic balancing machine system

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The automatic dynamic balancing machine body includes the mechanical body, the power part (ac motor), the executive mechanism (including three stepper motors) and the detection sensor device. The main

When an unbalanced rotor rotates, it will cause 1 pressure on its supporting structure and the rotor itself and cause vibration.Therefore, in order to improve the quality of the rotor and components, reduce noise, reduce vibration, improve the service life of the supporting parts (bearings), reduce the user's discomfort, reduce the power consumption of products, make the rotor standard dynamic balance is very necessary.Automatic balancing machine is the rotor in the case of rotation rotor dynamic balance detection, calculation of unbalance and the implementation of correction (weight or weight), so that it reaches the dynamic balance (the remaining unbalance within the tolerable range) of the machine device.

The realization of high-precision automatic balancing machine lies in high-precision detection technology and high-precision correction technology.From the principle of detection technology, dynamic balancing machine can be divided into soft support dynamic balancing machine and hard support dynamic balancing machine.Soft support dynamic balancing machine support stiffness is low, the sensor detected is proportional to the amplitude of the unbalance, for the amplitude type;Hard supporting dynamic balancing machine supporting high stiffness, sensor detection is proportional to the centrifugal force of unbalance, force type.Due to the hard support dynamic balancing machine has only one calibration, strong versatility and other characteristics, in recent years, the rapid development of dynamic balancing machine has become the mainstream.In terms of the counterweight method of balancing machine, there are two kinds of balance correction methods: milling counterweight and drilling counterweight.High efficiency of milling, easy to achieve automation, in the small and medium-sized motor automatic balance correction is the most widely used;Drill weight removal is usually used for manual operation correction or semi-automatic balance correction.The automatic balancing machine system developed in this paper adopts r-type milling to remove weight. The system is composed of balancing machine body, measurement and control system and upper computer, as shown in the figure.

Figure 1 system composition diagram


The automatic dynamic balancing machine body includes the mechanical body, the power part (ac motor), the executive mechanism (including three stepper motors) and the detection sensor device. The main function is to realize the support, drive, action and detection required for the automatic dynamic balancing detection and processing of the workpiece.The measurement and control system is composed of measurement control card, stepping motor control card, system action coordination control card, PLC, etc. It mainly completes the functions of unbalanced signal collection and arrangement, workpiece unbalance (amplitude and phase) extraction, workpiece rotation speed adjustment and control and data communication with the upper computer.The host computer is responsible for the coordination, management and maintenance of the whole system;In view of the harsh electromagnetic environment in the work place of the balancing machine, the upper machine adopts industrial personal computer, and is placed in a comprehensive control cabinet together with the PLC in the measurement and control system.The upper computer software is based on DELPH I 7 development system design, which is completed by object-oriented technology [7].On the one hand, the upper computer should receive the data uploaded by each control card; on the other hand, it should set parameters and send the results of analysis and processing to the corresponding control card.The main functions include workpiece calibration, error analysis and compensation, intelligent analysis of balance parameters, fault diagnosis, control coordination and user interface, etc.