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Professionally provides dynamic balance detection, correction and dynamic balance cleaning equipment for all types of high speed rotating workpieces (from 500 to 10,000 rpm)


Development of dynamic balancing machine

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The development of dynamic balancing machine has a history of more than one hundred years.In 1866, the German company Siemens invented the generator.Four years later, Canadian Henry Martinson applied for the patent of balance technology, which opened the prelude of balance correction industry.

If the supporting distance of the disk rotor is large enough and the axial runout of the disk part is small when rotating, even unbalance (dynamic balancing machine) can be ignored. At this time, a positive correction can be used to correct the unbalance, that is, the single side (static) balance. For the specific rotor, we must verify whether these conditions are met.After balancing a large number of rotors of a certain type on a plane, the maximum residual pair unbalance is obtained and divided by the support distance.If the value is not more than half of the allowable residual unbalance in the most adverse case, it is enough to adopt the single-sided (static) balance. From this definition, it is not difficult to see that the conditions for the rotor to only do the single-sided (static) balance are mainly in three aspects: one is that the rotor geometry is disc-shaped;One is the rotor balance in the balance machine when the support distance to be large;Another is the rotor rotation of the correction of the end of the face to beat very small.

A specified model of dynamic balancing function balancing correction within a certain range of a variety of weight and speed of the rotor balancing machine is a general balancing machine, such as our production of YYQ horizontal ring driven balancing machine /YD single vertical dynamic balancing machine /YYW universal joint series of balancing machine is a general dynamic balancing machine.

In 1907, Franz Lawaczek provided an improved balancing technique to Carl Schenck, who made the first double-sided balancing machine in 1915.Until the late 1940s, all balancing operations were carried out on purely mechanical balancing equipment.The balance speed of the rotor is usually the resonance speed of the vibration system to maximize the amplitude.In this way, the rotor balance measurement error is large and unsafe.

Dynamic balancing machine to take measures to expand economic scale in order to enhance the risk resistance ability of the enterprise, in order to ensure that enterprises have enough money to the construction of the innovation ability, the enterprise must expand the current domestic scale expansion of the most effective measure is to willing move restructuring of state-owned enterprises not only can expand the scale of enterprise economic, but also can realize enterprise capital diversification, speed up enterprise's product structure adjustment, progress to promote the adjustment of industrial structure.

This is the best form of economic expansion in practice.Based on juki, road, the more emphasis, buy now juki company product structure and industrial structure adjustment of heavy machinery enterprises for a long time, for the state and society shall provide sheet small batch production of major technical equipment enterprises in low benefit in the operation of the economy for a long time, at the same time, this situation also led to the potential of juki company technology innovation ability.Therefore, juki company in maintaining its sheet small batch provides the major technical equipment required for the country at the same time, should also be strong development has the characteristics of heavy machinery and has a batch of products, such as heavy in batch production of roll and Marine crankshaft, heavy into large excavators, into the field of travel speed machine needed for wind turbines, juki in low temperature waste heat power generation field and so on.The working principle of dynamic balancing machine not only brings great changes and improvements to the production structure and industrial structure adjustment of enterprises, but also brings great influences to the development of our national economy.

At present, the heavy machinery enterprises have the ability to provide complete sets of equipment with annual output of 6 million tons for steel and iron joint enterprises and annual output of 20 million tons for open pit mines.Heavy machinery industry services focus into the power industry, China's steel industry is developing rapidly.Roll in steel production is a large consumption of products, in short, heavy machinery industry of all kinds of good quality, large specifications, large power, cutting force, large bearing capacity of CNC machine tools, and the requirement to be able to deliver on time.