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Professionally provides dynamic balance detection, correction and dynamic balance cleaning equipment for all types of high speed rotating workpieces (from 500 to 10,000 rpm)


Commonly used problem of dynamic balance(on)

Commonly used problem of dynamic balance(on)

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(a)howtoselecteffectivebalanceprecision?Usuallymarkedas:theunbalanceresidualamountshallbelessthanXXXg.Mm(org.Cm)onthespecifiedtwoplanes Itmayalsobeindicatedasacenterofgravityoffsetofxxmm(b)arethereany

(a) how to select effective balance precision?

Usually marked as: the unbalance residual amount shall be less than XXX g. Mm (or g. Cm) on the specified two planes It may also be indicated as a center of gravity offset of xx mm

(b) are there any other methods for dynamic balance measurement besides drilling?

1. Fixture class, large motor, grinding wheel, etc. : balance can be achieved by adjusting the position and size of counterweight block

2, small and medium-sized motor: riveting weight gasket to achieve balance

3, micro motor: resin or other adhesive bonding to achieve balance

4, general fan rotor: welding weight to achieve balance

5. Explosion-proof fan: balance must be achieved by sanding

Roots fan: milling and drilling to achieve balance

7, shaft, crankshaft: milling and drilling to achieve balance

8. Automobile transmission shaft and general industrial universal joint: welding counterweight blocks to achieve balance

9. There are no special provisions on the method of balancing except as indicated in the drawing.Generally, on the premise of not damaging the service performance of parts,Should choose as far as possible simple, easy to operate method.Of course, as the designer of parts, should put forward the balance precision standard at the same time, put forward the effective way of balancing, when necessary, design the process structure needed to adjust the balance.

(3) at present, there are many high-speed gears with weight less than 1kg. If the traditional way is used for dynamic balance, is there a good way to do dynamic balance?

1. Adopt the dynamic balancing machine with coil belt drive method or roller self-drive method to attach the influence of mass as much as possible;

2, want to have a high balance accuracy, must first ensure the machining accuracy, especially the positioning hole;

3, change the design taper small dynamic balance mandrel through mandrel, mandrel processing into 1:2000 to 1:400 taper, and the balance support diameter and the positioning diameter of the transmission gear processing into the same nominal size (as far as possible to ensure a higher, the same form and position error);

4, according to the workpiece quality using dynamic balancing machine specifications and models, dynamic balancing machine nominal maximum rotor mass should be equivalent to the rotor mass of 2-5 times for the best.Finally, we must find out the accuracy of the balance.