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Professionally provides dynamic balance detection, correction and dynamic balance cleaning equipment for all types of high speed rotating workpieces (from 500 to 10,000 rpm)


Common dynamic balance problem (middle)

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(4) what are the types of rotor?

1, rigid installation of Marine diesel engine drive shaft.

2, rigid installation of large and medium-sized four-stroke engine drive shaft.

3, rigidly installed high-speed four-cylinder diesel engine drive shaft.

Drive shaft components for six - and multi-cylinder diesel engines.

5, cars, trucks and motorcycles used (gasoline, diesel) engine engine.

6. Trolley wheel, hoop wheel and wheel integrity;Drive shaft components for small cars, trucks, and motorcycles.

7, mill, agricultural machinery parts;Individual components of (petrol, diesel) engines for automobiles, lorries and locomotives.

8. Rotor components of aviation gas turbine;The transmission gear of the sea wheel (cargo ship) main worm gear machine;Centrifugal centrifuge, pump impeller;Fan;The flywheel.Common parts and components of machine tools;General motor rotor;Special requirements for individual parts of the engine.

Gas and steam turbines, including sea wheel (merchant ship) main turbine rigid turbogenerator rotor;Turbocharger: machine tool driver;Medium and large motor rotors with special requirements;Small motor rotor;Turbine pump.

10, tape recorder and record player driver;Grinding machine driver;Small and medium sized armature with special requirements.

11. Spindle bearing, grinding wheel, armature, gyroscope, etc.

(v) dynamic balance 10.5gram. Cm / 3gm.cm

Gm and gram and gramme are both units of mass: g 10.5gram.cm/ 3gm.cm why two indices?Take: 10.5gram. Cm as an example:

The so-called gram. Centimeter means that the residual unbalance on the radius of 1 centimeter should be less than 10.5 grams, which can also be expressed as that the residual unbalance on the radius of 10.5 centimeters should be less than 1 gram, and so on.

(6) machine tool spindle balance mode?

1. Two acceleration sensors are installed on the front and back end of the spindle box of the machine tool respectively, and the azimuth parallel plane is located on the installation plane of the spindle box of the machine tool and perpendicular to the spindle bearing.

2. Connect two accelerometers with two millivolt voltmeters (digital multimeters) respectively.

3, the spindle bearing rotation without the installation of tools (balance process of each rotation speed should remain unchanged).Look at the reading of two millivolt voltmeters (digital multimeters).

4. After the spindle stops rotating, adjust the balance block on the spindle bearing to reduce the reading value of the two millivolt voltmeters (digital multimeters) as far as possible when the spindle bearing rotates again.

5. From step 3 and step 4, the balance of spindle bearing can be achieved.