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Professionally provides dynamic balance detection, correction and dynamic balance cleaning equipment for all types of high speed rotating workpieces (from 500 to 10,000 rpm)


Fault judgment of common abnormal phenomena of balancing machine

Fault judgment of common abnormal phenomena of balancing machine

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1, the vast majority of dynamic balancing machine detection system has the "self-check" function, this function can detect whether the measurement system itself is normal.The key corresponding to the "self-check" function may be marked as "self-check" or "TEST", etc.When the dynamic balancing machine works normally, the customer can fix all kinds of support conditions (support method and a, b, c and two radii, etc.), and then make the detection system into the "self-check" mode, recording the display reading corresponding to the "self-check" state of the support standard.When the operator thinks there is something wrong with the measurement system, it can restore the detection system to the "self-check" condition matching the original set of supporting specifications, and then check whether the display reading of the detection system is normal.
2, the dynamic balancing machine shows the unbalance Angle is always about 180 degrees or 0 degrees.Rotor dynamic balancing machine the normal operation of the first inspection and there are still some remaining unbalance (and therefore can be respectively on the surface of the two counterweight to unbalance of rotor with two different phase), the rotor under the condition of normal rotation detection: pull sensor 1 line plug, to see if dynamic balancing machine according to numerical transformation.If there is a significant change, the sensor line and sensor are all right.
If there is no transition, this sensor line or sensor is shown to be abnormal.Plug in the number 1, and then plug out the number 2 sensor wire, the same way can identify the number 2 sensor wire and sensor is all right.The user can find a professional to check the faulty sensor line or sensor by comparing it with another transmitter line and sensor.
3, dynamic balancing machine in the residual unbalance a lot, the fault is not obvious.But in the residual unbalance is small, a start of dynamic balancing machine into the detection, showing the unbalance value of the Angle is always changing.Sometimes the Angle changes within the required range, sometimes the Angle changes within 360 degrees.
(1) in order to reduce the same frequency, frequency multiplication, frequency division interference, the workpiece supporting shaft diameter should be avoided and support roller outer diameter or its integral multiple integral fraction is the same or close, so as not to interfere.
For example: the outer diameter of the roller is 101 mm, so, it is best to avoid the use of 91~111, 46~55, 32~36 mm range of shaft diameter support.
(2)strictly check the stability of rotor assembly parts.If the process shaft is used, the matching of shaft and hole should be checked.
(3)check the state of the contact between the rotor shaft (process shaft) and the roller. If the shaft diameter is rough, the blade lines are obvious or the roller surface is damaged, it will lead to the instability of small signal.
(4)check the roller and rotor shaft (process shaft) contact state, if the continuous smooth surface of the roller surface has been destroyed, will also cause small signal instability.When there are obvious scars on the surface of the roller, the display of balance is very unstable.
(5)clean the surface of roller and rotor shaft (process shaft) under parking condition, add appropriate lubricating oil.
(6)Carefully calculate whether your standard of balance precision is too high.
4, dynamic balancing machine in the residual unbalance is very large, the fault is not obvious.However, when residual unbalance is relatively small, when the test is restarted after each balancing, the Angle showing the unbalance value is always changed with a difference of about 180 degrees.
(1) the balance is too much.
(2) strictly check the stability of rotor assembly part.In the case of process shafts, strict checks should be made on the voids, ovality and taper deviations of matching shafts and holes, especially in the case of ovality and taper deviations.