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Professionally provides dynamic balance detection, correction and dynamic balance cleaning equipment for all types of high speed rotating workpieces (from 500 to 10,000 rpm)


Beiqi Electric Vehicle New Energy Rotor High Speed Dynamic Balance Technology Application

Beiqi Electric Vehicle New Energy Rotor High Speed Dynamic Balance Technology Application

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For the rotor dynamic balancing machine, we may not be unfamiliar. The rotor dynamic balancing machine is needed in many of our household appliances. Its quality and technical application are very delicate. The following is a small series to introduce the technical application of the lower rotor high-speed dynamic balancing machine. The principle of dynamic balance of the influence coefficient method, the application of the technology has done a good job of repairing the high-speed dynamic balance measurement of the turbine rotor, so that the rotor operating vibration value has reached the qualified standard. Explain that the high-speed dynamic balance measurement of steam turbine rotors carried out by the connection influence coefficient method is efficient, accurate and can meet the requirements of production and operation.

Unlike the rigid rotor, the common flexible rotor can achieve stable operation at the working speed through low-speed dynamic balancing, and high-speed dynamic balancing is necessary. The balance method of the flexible rotor is more critical, the modal balance method and the influence coefficient method. The modal balance method refers to the fact that the unbalanced amount randomly distributed on the rotor can excite the vibration modes of the rotor and the balance component group and the main vibration mode are orthogonal. The vibration mode is used to balance the rotor step by step. The influence coefficient method is to use the linear relationship between the correction amount and the measurement in the linear system, and to balance the rotor with the influence coefficient. It is simple to use, has high balance accuracy, and is suitable for computer-assisted calculation. It is a multi-speed. Multi-plane balance. The principle that the equilibrium component group is orthogonal to the main vibration mode is the principle of the modal balance method, and the influence coefficient is that the balance component group is not orthogonal to the main vibration mode, and the rotor is comprehensively balanced to achieve the principle of the flexible rotor dynamic balance machine. The formula for calculating the balance correction amount of the least squares influence coefficient method is: {U}=-[A]-1{X}(M=N, A≠0){U}=(-[■]T[A ])-1[■]T{X}(M>N)

Where N is the number of balanced (corrected) faces; M is the total number of measured points of vibration; {U} is the corrected mass to be added; {X} is the initial vibration response vector; {A} is the matrix of influence coefficients.

Summary: The impact coefficient actually reflects the influence of vibration mode, support stiffness and other various types of influence components.

The application of high-speed dynamic balancing technology for flexible rotors is detailed. Whether it is a bit deeper in the application of dynamic balancing machine technology, the application of dynamic balancing machine technology is more profound and there are more technical application problems waiting for us to explore, need to know more details For technical application issues, please contact the website customer service.

Guangzhou Zhuo Xuan Jin dynamic balancing machine manufacturers: automatic balancing machine, semi-automatic balancing machine, circle with dynamic balancing machine, universal joint dynamic balancing machine, single and double vertical dynamic balancing machine, self-driven complete motorized balancing machine, users The original dynamic balancing machine technology is improved and modified, and the dynamic balance wearing parts are sold. The special dynamic balancing machine can be provided according to the special workpiece requirements of the user. For more details, please contact Zhuo Xuanjin dynamic balancing machine website customer service.