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Professionally provides dynamic balance detection, correction and dynamic balance cleaning equipment for all types of high speed rotating workpieces (from 500 to 10,000 rpm)


What is the mechanical principle of rotor dynamic balance?

What is the mechanical principle of rotor dynamic balance?

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Among the current manufacturers, the probability of unbalanced faults in the rotor of the rotating machinery is very high, accounting for more than 30% of the failure of the rotating equipment. When an unbalanced fault occurs in the rotor of the motor, it will cause vibration of the entire machine and cause noise, accelerate the damage of the bearing, and reduce the service life of the machine equipment, so that the machine equipment is not operated properly, resulting in an accident. In order to reduce the imbalance of the rotor of the motor, today's manufacturers are equipped with dynamic balancing machines.
The importance of rotor balancing operation
Because the force caused by the dynamic imbalance, if not corrected, it has strong destructiveness in the rotating machine equipment, which not only causes damage to the supporting bearing, but also causes cracking of the machine equipment foundation, cracking of the welding, and at the same time due to imbalance Excessive amplitude results in reduced product quality.
Causes the rotor of the motor to be unbalanced
1. The assembly is not correct. The center line of the quality of one component does not coincide with the center line of rotation during installation.
2. Casting vents
3. Assembly deviation
4. Half-key problem
5. The rotor of the motor is deformed, and the rotor of the motor is deformed due to residual stress and uneven heat.
6. There are deposits on the rotor of the motor
7. The design is not uniform, such as the rotor winding of the motor and the other side is not uniform.
Due to the above reasons, the motor rotor is somewhat unbalanced. The sum of the unbalanced vectors distributed on the rotor of the motor can be considered to be concentrated in one vector. The dynamic balance is a technique for confirming the position and size of the rotor of the unbalanced motor. Then, remove or add a balance block of the same size at its corresponding location.

Solve the motor rotor imbalance problem by its safe operation!
Guangzhou Zhuo Xuanjin offers a standard range universal joint dynamic balancing machine (motor rotor dynamic balancing machine) capable of balancing motor rotors from 50 kg weight to 30,000 kg diameter 2800 mm. The company selects Zhuo Xuanjin's mature technology to provide high precision and repeatability.
The motor rotor dynamic balancing machine has a reliable design and uses Zhuo Xuanjin's inspection system. Dynamic and static balance, support method up to more than a dozen types, plus de-weighting, forward and reverse can be flexibly customized, the balance of detection information and angle unit can be customized, the precision of display information can also be customized, to achieve Unit conversion in real time. Its principle is: the steel motor rotor is mounted on the elastic support point of the dynamic balancing machine to rotate the motor rotor. Depending on the condition of the support, the vibration and the supporting force of the support are detected (based on the periodic mechanical vibration signal of the rotor of the motor becoming an inductance signal). Using the separation solving circuit, the unbalance of the rotor of the motor is measured, and then the unbalanced and unbalanced phases of the motor rotor are detected by the dynamic balancing machine, and corrected to reduce the unbalance amount, so that the rotor of the motor is not easy to cause when rotating. The balancing process of balancing centrifugal force is called rotor dynamic balance.

Motor rotor imbalance is the key excitation force for rotating machinery, especially high-speed rotating machinery. In the manufacturing process, motor rotor balance is an indispensable process, rotating machinery in the field, such as fans, pumps, motors and steam turbine generators,
        The key reason for its vibration is that the rotor of the motor is unbalanced, so the balance of the rotor of the motor is a key measure to reduce the vibration of the rotating machinery in the field. The analysis of the type of motor rotor imbalance and the rotor dynamic balance has been used to measure the unbalanced quantity. This kind of force measurement and design for dynamic balance has a very important guiding role.