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Professionally provides dynamic balance detection, correction and dynamic balance cleaning equipment for all types of high speed rotating workpieces (from 500 to 10,000 rpm)


Zhuo Xuan Jincheng invites you to visit the 10th Cross-Strait Electrical and Electric Appliances Expo

Zhuo Xuan Jincheng invites you to visit the 10th Cross-Strait Electrical and Electric Appliances Expo

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Exhibitionsummary      TheCross-Strait(Ningde)ElectricalandElectricAppliancesExpoisChina'sleadingsmallandmedium-sizedmotor,waterpumpandgeneratorsetprocurementexhibition,withinternationallycompetitiven

Exhibition summary

      The Cross-Strait (Ningde) Electrical and Electric Appliances Expo is China's leading small and medium-sized motor, water pump and generator set procurement exhibition, with internationally competitive new energy batteries. The 10th anniversary of the 2019 exhibition is expected to attract more than 200 exhibiting companies from more than 40 regions across the country. It is a professional trade activity built in China's new energy battery, small and medium motor, and generator set production base.

Zhuo Xuanjin is looking forward to your visit. The ZXJ series was unveiled at the Guangzhou Zhuo Xuan Jin transformation and upgrading system.

The ZXJ series, which has been repeatedly tested and tested by engineers, has achieved the control accuracy, positioning, number of revolutions and calibrations at the international level. The application of this technology greatly extends the service life of the equipment, saves production costs and improves work efficiency. In response to changes in market demand, we will further explore our potential, optimize product structure, improve product-related ancillary services, and work hard for the development of dynamic balance!

Guangzhou Zhuo Xuanjin invited many industry experts to witness the release of Guangzhou Zhuo Xuan Jinxin System and discuss the opportunities and challenges of the dynamic future of the dynamic balancing machine industry. We invite you to come!

Suggested transportation plan:
Plane: Arrive at Changle Airport and take the bus to Fuan Bus Station
Take a taxi from Ningde Bus Station to Ningde Convention and Exhibition Center Airport Bus - Ningde Bus Station:

7:50, 9:00, 12:00, 13:00, 14:30 (Note: The bus only charges cash).

By train: After arriving at Ningde Station, take a taxi to Ningde Convention and Exhibition Center (about 2.5 km from the exhibition hall for a taxi, 10 minutes) or take bus No. 28 or 22, No. 20 and No. 18.

Self-driving: recommended navigation