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Plastic fan blade design and analysis

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The wind blade is a blade that uses a certain space curved surface to generate wind according to the high speed operation of the main body. Previously, most of them were made of sheet metal materials, which were molded into wind blades. It is then fixedly mounted to the blade as a fan blade. Because of the molding blades and assembly, the static and dynamic balance of the blades is difficult to meet the design standards. After a long period of time, the coating is scratched or peeled off to cause rust, and the color of the blades is monotonous and the color is not good, which is not suitable for the ventilation and exhaust life of modern (hotels, commercial buildings). The advantages of plastic fan blades are: one-shot injection molding, no need to assemble, correct, save energy and energy; very light, small inertia force, colorful colors, good color, excellent dynamic balance (plastic blades Elasticity, in the high-speed operation process, the relative position of the blade can be automatically adjusted properly, so that the blade is in an excellent balance condition and the decorative effect.

Figure 1-1 Stereogram of the fan

The plastic fan blade has a similar aspect to the metal material fan blade design as shown in Figure 1-1, but the difference is also quite large, which is also determined by the plastic itself and the injection molding characteristics, because the blade surface is a space surface, which is designed Taking into account the manufacturing technology and manufacturing capabilities of the mold, strictly speaking, the shape of the blade should be designed according to the aerodynamic principle, but this design will make the shape of the blade complicated, which makes it difficult to design and manufacture the mold. Usually the design of the plastic blade In the case of ensuring a certain air volume, the method of simplifying the design of the blade of the blade is selected, such as selecting a helical surface of the space, a simulated curved surface, and the like. The thickness of the blade should be thick and thin inside and gradually transition to enhance the structural strength and rigidity of the blade to ensure the performance. The main part is designed to ensure the installation and positioning of the vane, so the central shaft is designed with inserts, and a notch for mounting and positioning is designed outside the hub.

What is a vertical balancing machine?
Vertical balance machine ------ refers to the balance machine that is under the vertical state of the balance axis of the balanced rotor. Generally, there is no disc-shaped workpiece with rotating shaft, such as fan blade, pump impeller, hood wind. Wheels, flywheels, grinding wheels, saw blades, chucks, brakes, etc. are all suitable for vertical dynamic balancing machines. The YD series is a vertical dynamic balancing machine.
The application range of the vertical balancing machine is so wide, what kind of product is suitable for the single-sided vertical balancing machine? Which workpieces are more suitable for the double-sided vertical balancing machine? Here, Heinuo will give you a simple explanation.
Advantages of single-sided vertical balancing machine
The single-sided vertical balancing machine is a new type of balancing machine that has been rapidly developed in recent years and has a wide range of applications. It is suitable for the calibration of single-sided balance and dynamic balance in a vertical state of a disk-shaped workpiece. It is mainly suitable for fans and blades. Balance correction for various disc-shaped parts such as impellers, brakes, clutches, brake drums, chucks, grinding wheels, saw blades, and pulleys.