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Professionally provides dynamic balance detection, correction and dynamic balance cleaning equipment for all types of high speed rotating workpieces (from 500 to 10,000 rpm)


Single-sided vertical balancing machine calibration procedure

Single-sided vertical balancing machine calibration procedure

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1, the operation steps
1, boot (self-test)
2, rotor class selection, press # select model, such as "8 (represents "380 centrifugal blade reversal) input ENT
3. Determine the number of decimal places in the reading of the quantity, press Y to keep three decimal places after the decimal point, and then press ENT
4. Enter the value of the allowable imbalance indicator (m). Press TOL to enter the value of the allowable unbalance amount and enter ENT (may not be lost).
5. CAL1 unbalanced reading value calibration Press ¢ and ⊙ to load the workpiece to start once, U= (enter the test weight value for calibration, generally 1g) and then press ENT key ∠=0 (enter the angle of test weight) Generally, press ENT to zero, add weight to the fixed angle, and turn on the machine. (If CAL1 or EO8 or EOP is displayed after power-on, this is an error message. Display CAL1 and remove the calibration weight. Start with the same angle and the same weight. EO8 admission is too high, recalibration with a smaller amount, EO9 admission is too low, recalibration with a larger amount) shows OK unbalance calibration is completed, remove the weight for the next calibration .
6. Spindle eccentricity calibration, press ¢ and £, N=2 and then press ENT to start. The workpiece is removed by “CAL Z—Z ∠180°”, the workpiece is rotated by 180° with respect to the clamp, and the display is OK. The spindle eccentricity calibration is completed.
7. Add/reselect to press “” SUB display as the focus; ADD is displayed as light.

The input data of the single-sided vertical balancing machine shows the product model
Enter the product model shown in 1-10 data as follows:
1: 250 leaves
2: 300 leaves
3: 180 leaves
4: 590 leaves (reverse)
5: 500 leaves (four leaf models are temporarily replaced with SOO)
6: 400 leaves are turning
7: 700
8: 380 centrifugal fan blades (reverse)
9: 300 small centrifugal blades (reverse)
10: 317 Centrifugal blades (reverse)