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Professionally provides dynamic balance detection, correction and dynamic balance cleaning equipment for all types of high speed rotating workpieces (from 500 to 10,000 rpm)


Intelligent balancing machine features

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The rotor refers to a rotating body supported by a bearing. An object such as an optical disc that does not have a rotating shaft itself can be regarded as a rotor when it is rigidly connected or attached. The rotor used in life and industry is also very common and has many types. However, the vibration of the rotor will be used for its use. The reduction in life is not a function of normal operation or the ability to achieve balance precision. Some of these factors are also jeopardized by rotor workpieces, and some are due to the equipment itself or the electrical measurement system.
Therefore, if a certain link is abnormal, it will definitely harm the balance of the product. If we can analyze these phenomena in a targeted manner, it can help us to correctly distinguish and judge the causes of various conditions, and take effective measures to reduce or eliminate them. These disadvantages are a hazard to the balance of the workpiece. However, the rotor dynamic balancing machine is doing this, solving the problems caused by the rotor for many customers. The rotor dynamic balancing machine adopts the horizontal ring belt to make the transmission system, so that more and more accurate balancing speed can be obtained. The Zhuo Xuanjin rotor dynamic balancing machine has the advantages of high precision, simple operation and high working efficiency. When people apply it, they will be very handy and will not easily cause any discomfort. After years of tempering research and exploration, Zhuo Xuan Jin motor dynamic balancing machine has been widely used in many industry products. For example: in the balance of motors, fans, motors, and other workpieces, today Xiaobian gives you a brief introduction to the unique performance of the lower rotor dynamic balancing machine.

Rotor dynamic balancing machine
1. The rotor dynamic balancing machine can perform calibration once, can be applied permanently, and also allows a high amount of original unbalance. It can be said to be a very good dynamic balancing machine.
2. The rotor dynamic balance electromechanical measurement system is also very excellent. It is a unique electric measurement system independently developed based on learning to absorb many advanced detection technologies in the market. It has a simple operation system interface and has complete functions. Zhuo Xuanjin's electrical measurement system is well recognized by many companies' dynamic balancing machine operators.
3. The rotor dynamic balancing machine is not suitable for the transmission of the equipment or the outer circumference of the rotor.
4. Rotor dynamic balancing machine can not only improve the quality of the rotor and the constructed product, but also reduce its jitter and noise.
5. The rotor dynamic balancing machine has a very sensitive sensing system part, which not only has high sensitivity, but also has very reliable durability and linearity.
6. The motor dynamic balancing machine can reduce the power consumption of the product and increase the service life of the bearing. The dynamic balancing machine not only solves many problems in the equipment, but also saves the manufacturer cost and reduces consumption. Therefore, it is deeply trusted and supported by many companies in the vast dynamic balancing machine market.
The above content tells about the unique advantages of all aspects of the rotor dynamic balancing machine. At this time, although we have already learned the advantages of the dynamic balancing machine, we must pay attention to the normal operation of the dynamic balancing machine when we apply the dynamic balancing machine. The procedure is applied. If the operation is not proper, it will cause the Zhuo Xuanjin motor dynamic balancing machine to malfunction. If you find a fault, find out the cause in time, or let the professional personnel repair it, and usually pay attention to its maintenance and maintenance to extend its service life