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Four major misunderstandings of dynamic balancing machine

Four major misunderstandings of dynamic balancing machine

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The dynamic balancing machine is used as a high-precision precision instrument and equipment. Because the dynamic balancing machine is not well understood, it is inevitable that there will be misunderstandings in the process of purchasing or selecting the dynamic balancing machine. Below, I will give you a detailed introduction to the four major misunderstandings about the dynamic balancing machine.
Balance speed and balance precision
Because the dynamic balancing machine is not well understood, the customer usually feels that the higher the balance speed of the dynamic balance, the better the balance precision, but it is not. A good hard-supporting dynamic balancing machine (dynamic balancing machine for rigid pendulum) can correctly detect the amount of unbalance at the lower speed, rather than the higher the speed, the better the balance precision. For rotors of different quality and shape, we will use different balance speeds to achieve higher detection efficiency and precision of dynamic balancing machine. Normally, the speed of the hard-supporting dynamic balancing machine is controlled within the range of 200-1500r/min, which can meet the standard of most rotor dynamic balance. For the soft-support dynamic balancing machine, the balance speed and balance precision will be certain. Correlation, within a certain range of speed, the balance speed and the balance precision are linear.

2. Rotor quality and dynamic balancing machine with large bearing mass
In the process of dynamic balancing machine selection, the rotor mass and the large bearing mass of the dynamic balancing machine are important reference indicators. Different quality rotors will use different balancing models. The rotor quality is usually maintained at 25 to 80 percent of the larger load-bearing mass of the dynamic balancing machine. The balancing precision and balance efficiency of the dynamic balancing machine are better and the service life is longer.

3. Rotor balance and working status
Some customers think that the rotor balancing method should be the same as the supporting method at work. The rotor dynamic balance precision can meet the working standard, which is mainly due to the lack of understanding of the dynamic balancing machine. The dynamic balancing machine measures and corrects the unbalanced amount within the unit mass of the rotor, ensuring that the rotor achieves a small value of the unbalance amount within the mass range of the rotor under the current dynamic balancing machine technical standard. Rotor dynamic balance is the adjustment of the rotor's own unit mass range. Its precision and balance are not related. Customers only need to install the rotor correctly, so they can use the equipment with confidence.

4. Working speed and balance speed
After collecting and sorting out the customer's opinions and suggestions, some customers feel that the balance speed must reach the working speed of the rotor, and the dynamic balance precision of the rotor will meet the requirements. This is mainly because the customer's understanding of the concept of balanced speed is not clear. Balanced speed: The speed of the dynamic balancing machine during the dynamic balance check. For the premise of ensuring the precision of the rigid rotor, select the lower speed as much as possible, that is, the dynamic balancing machine can be higher at the rated balance speed. The efficiency measures the amount of imbalance in the rotor. The key to the balance speed is related to the quality, shape and the like of the rotor. Under normal circumstances, the larger the rotor mass, the lower the balance speed, and it has nothing to do with the working speed.
The above is the four misunderstandings of the dynamic balancing machine, I hope to help you. If you have any questions or doubts about the balancing machine or the balancing machine, feel free to contact us.