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Professionally provides dynamic balance detection, correction and dynamic balance cleaning equipment for all types of high speed rotating workpieces (from 500 to 10,000 rpm)


Brief description of motor rotor automatic balancing machine

Brief description of motor rotor automatic balancing machine

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What is an electric motor? In simple terms, that is, the motor known in daily life, its structure is basically composed of two parts of the rotor and the stator, so why the motor needs to detect the dynamic balance is not very clear, because the motor After the dynamic balance detection, the balance precision will reach the standard balance level, which can also greatly reduce the mechanical equipment caused by the motor during the rotation process, so as to better prevent it from running. The unbalanced jitter and noise that occur during the process can also better prevent damage to the bearing caused by damage, thus prolonging the service life of the device as much as possible.

    Then we say that the motor dynamic balance, that is, the key to the motor's rotor to carry out the adjustment of the unbalance amount, such as the usual process detection methods are two, one is the method of weighting, the second is the method of weighting, then the uneven For the separation of the measurement, the separation method of the two planes is often applied. Then, the unbalance value caused by the increase or decrease of the two planes is superimposed on the removal of the bias of the rotor, so as to achieve the unbalance adjustment of the rotor.
    In order to better serve our customers, the experience of recent years has been summarized. The motor rotor fully automatic balancing machine can improve the overall quality and overall working efficiency of the rotor of the motor. It can also be suitable for various types of rotor movement. Balance correction. Eliminate the imbalance caused by processing and assembly deviations, and reduce the jitter caused by unbalanced products.

The motor rotor automatic balancing machine adopts the auto-measurement system, which has dynamic and static diversified detection methods. There are more than ten kinds of methods for supporting the period. The weighting, de-weighting and reversing can be flexibly customized. High precision during testing, multiple calibration factors, automation of the adjustment system, etc. For more details, please see the fully automatic balancing machine product page.