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Professionally provides dynamic balance detection, correction and dynamic balance cleaning equipment for all types of high speed rotating workpieces (from 500 to 10,000 rpm)


Things you need to know to pick a balancing machine

Things you need to know to pick a balancing machine

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There are many kinds of rotating parts in daily life. For some rotating parts, jitter, noise problems, and the service life of the machine need to be increasingly strict. Therefore, it is necessary to balance some rotors, and some rotors are used. There are various characteristics, and it is necessary to select the appropriate dynamic balancing machine according to their respective characteristics to correct the imbalance. Therefore, the following related rotor matters should be considered.

    1) Various data of rotor size, such as maximum diameter and minimum direct range, journal diameter range, bearing spacing, mass, GD2, etc.:
    2) The number on the balance plane is 1, 2 or 2:
    3) What is the allowable imbalance?
    4) The measurement or detection of unbalance is the polar coordinate method or the usage method:
    5) The way to check is to increase or de-weight:
    6) When the balance is rotating, the axis is horizontal or vertical:
    7) Does the rotor cause deflection under the rotation work:
    8) Is it possible to use a dynamic balancing machine for overspeed testing, vibration testing and other dynamic balancing tests:
    9) Rotors are available in a variety of small batches or in large quantities:
    10) At what level the beat of the production must be controlled according to the production volume of the rotor:
    11) Special matters determined by other types of rotor characteristics, there is no special requirement for the balance speed, at which stage of the rotor manufacturing process to carry out dynamic balance:

     Then, considering the above matters, we must first select a universal dynamic balancing machine suitable for each rotor. For the rotor that is not suitable for the standard universal balancing machine, most of the conditions are, or in general-purpose type. A universal balancing machine is applied to the accessories on the balancing machine, or only for partial modifications. As shown in the figure, if it is not processed, it cannot be mounted on a universal dynamic balancing machine. If a special cantilever roller bearing is prepared, then this problem can be solved. The same example is a lot. .