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Professionally provides dynamic balance detection, correction and dynamic balance cleaning equipment for all types of high speed rotating workpieces (from 500 to 10,000 rpm)


Zhuo Xuanjin dynamic balancing machine, how to determine the quality factor?

Zhuo Xuanjin dynamic balancing machine, how to determine the quality factor?

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When you find that the product is unstable due to imbalance, you must purchase a dynamic balancing machine. However, if you want to purchase a cost-effective dynamic balancing machine, it is very difficult for people who don't know to choose a suitable balancing machine. But if you have a certain knowledge of dynamic balancing machine, you can start to pick a good dynamic balancing machine. Then, from which aspect should we distinguish the quality of the dynamic balancing machine?
      At present, with only a complete and timely after-sales service, it is impossible to make one enterprise grow and develop. Zhuo Xuanjin therefore has his own countermeasures. Since its inception, Zhuo Xuanjin has always adhered to the spirit of quality as the standard, and started the battle of quality.
      In the development process of the past ten years, Zhuo Xuanjin also summed up the criteria for distinguishing whether the dynamic balancing machine is a superior product. To distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of a dynamic balancing machine, it is not to look at its appearance from the surface, but to see the balance precision of the dynamic balancing machine, the quality of the dynamic balancing machine, and the practical effects of the dynamic balancing machine.
Resolution of precision of dynamic balancing machine
      1. If the outer circumference of the rotor is used as the correction surface of the workpiece:
   1. First calibrate the dynamic balancing machine. See the instructions for the calibration procedure.
    2. After the calibration is completed, use the dynamic balancing machine software to detect the unbalance of the workpiece. For example, the left correction surface of the workpiece has an unbalanced amount of 20g at an angle of 100 degrees. The right correction surface must have 30g at an angle of 150 degrees. Heavy, this time to find two 10g weights as a test weight, add two 10g weights to the left 100 degrees and the right 150 degrees, then detect the imbalance, if The unbalance on the left side increases the weight of about 10% by 10%, and the unbalance on the right side increases the weight of about 10% by 10%. This indicates that the precision of the dynamic balance machine meets the precision standard, and the dynamic balance machine has no problem. On the contrary, the dynamic balancing machine has a fault.
Second, dynamic balancing machine accuracy grade division

      The purchase of the balancing machine must also correct the parameters of the workpiece in accordance with the balance. We need to know the extremes of the workpiece size that need to correct the dynamic balance and the size and weight of the common workpiece.
Workpiece shape: The dynamic balancer equipment specification is selected as the intermediate mark 1/2 to 1/3 balance. The actual effect is good.
Workpiece weight: must meet the technical parameters such as the bearing spacing between the balancing machines
      One of the key indicators for distinguishing the quality of a dynamic balancing machine is that after the rotor is measured and processed, the value of the unbalance can reach a very small state, that is, after the measurement process, the rotor shakes and the noise disappears significantly during the operation.
      All in all, to choose a satisfactory dynamic balancing machine, not only must look at the appearance, but also must know the precision of the dynamic balancing machine, balance the actual effect. The above is the summary of Guangzhou Zhuo Xuanjin, for everyone to refer to how to distinguish the quality of the dynamic balance machine. If you want to know more about the dynamic balance machine information, move your finger, contact our official website customer service!