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What should I do if the car cooling fan fails and does not cool?

What should I do if the car cooling fan fails and does not cool?

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Nowadays, the popularity of automobiles is becoming more and more widespread, and the quality of automobiles is also emerging. In response to certain problems encountered by the car, I am sure that everyone has already known a little. Today, I will talk about the car cooling fan dynamic balancing machine.
If you can't get into a cool car and drive in the hot summer, then the journey to work must be painful and hot. What if the cooling fan of the car fails? What we know is that if the cooling fan fails, it will cause the engine temperature of the car to be too high, which will cause a series of problems, such as: deformation of the cylinder block and cylinder head, engine wear and so on. Then the cooling fan is faulty. How to judge the root cause of the fault?

1. If the cooling fan does not turn: check to determine whether the working line is faulty, faulty or control line fault. Then, based on the judgment, the relative repair is performed. Or because the engine temperature does not reach the cooling fan start-up standard, the temperature is too low.
2. If the temperature sensor of the cooling fan is faulty: When the temperature sensor fails, the manual fan can be used to control the rotation of the cooling fan. At the same time, the driver should pay close attention to the temperature change. When the temperature is found to be low, the manual switch should be turned off in time.
3. If the air switch of the cooling fan is tripped, the air switch can be forced down and then up. If the air release switch is repeatedly turned off twice, it should be checked whether the motor of the cooling fan is short-circuited, the contactor air switch is short of phase, and the terminal is loose.

After talking about the failure analysis of the cooling fan dynamic balancing machine, let's talk about the source of improving the quality of the cooling fan! A Guangzhou Zhuo Xuan Jin cooling fan dynamic balancing machine can help you improve the quality of the cooling fan! Dynamic balancing machine
This key is used in the balance of the engine cooling fan and the water tank cooling fan assembly. The machine can also detect the current, voltage, power and other electrical parameters while detecting the dynamic balance. The versatile fixtures accommodate more products, and the pneumatic quick chucks clamp the workpiece faster, increasing efficiency. Its fast lifting safety door can bring you higher productivity and better safety protection.
Excellent quality Zhuo Xuan Jin made, focus on dynamic balancing machine for only one thing in ten years!