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Professionally provides dynamic balance detection, correction and dynamic balance cleaning equipment for all types of high speed rotating workpieces (from 500 to 10,000 rpm)


In this way, the rotor dynamic balance machine can be correctly selected.

In this way, the rotor dynamic balance machine can be correctly selected.

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When any rotor is moving at an average speed, inertia forces will be generated in numerous mass points in the body to form an inertial force system. To determine whether the rotor is a balanced rotor, it must be determined according to the inertial force system.
Whether the rotor needs static balance or dynamic balance depends on the specific situation. The weight, shape, rotation speed, support conditions and use of the rotor are determined.
The vibration of the rotor and the base to the foundation system is affected by many factors, such as the vibration quality of the foundation of the base, the rigidity of the bearing and the foundation, the proximity of the working speed to various resonance frequencies, and so on. There is no simple relationship between the vibration amplitude and the residual imbalance of the rotor. Sometimes, in order to determine the many imbalances of the rotor, an experimental method can be used.
At the same time, the performance indicators, specifications and characteristics of various balancing machines produced by the balancing machine manufacturers should also be understood. This is the basis for selecting the balancing machine.
According to the standard balancing machine nomenclature, the balancing machine "workpiece quality" is the main parameter of the balancing machine.

“Workpiece quality” only means the bearing capacity of the balancing machine supporting the pendulum. When selecting the balancing machine, it is necessary to ensure that the quality of the workpiece to be inspected is not greater than the scope of the balancing machine.
Although the balancer has been considered by the designer for safety reasons, it should not be overloaded during use. If the workpiece for balance check is not only one type, then it should be ensured that the mass of each workpiece is not greater than the value specified in the range of the balancer within the scope of use.
Nowadays, people's requirements for the safety of the working environment are constantly improving, which has an impact on multi-rotating machines. The balancing machine is no exception.
In order to correctly select the rotor balancing machine, it is necessary to fully analyze and understand the structure, use, balance accuracy, working speed, support conditions and transmission mode of the rotating workpiece.
In order to reduce the vibration of the rotating machine, the working speed is increased, the life of the workpiece is prolonged, and the imbalance of the rotating workpiece is reduced. To achieve this goal, a balanced machine is usually used to balance the rotating workpiece.
Due to the great variety, shape, weight, and support form of the rotating workpiece that needs to be balanced and verified, the balance accuracy requirements are also different.
Because, when rotating the workpiece for balance check, the appropriate balance machine must be selected according to the rotor characteristics. If improperly selected, the balance accuracy will not be achieved as expected, not only the work efficiency is low, but even the balance cannot be carried out.
After seeing this, I think everyone will know a little more about how to choose the rotor balancing machine. Customers can learn about this content from the Internet and mobile phones. I hope that Jianping's popular knowledge will help everyone!