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Professionally provides dynamic balance detection, correction and dynamic balance cleaning equipment for all types of high speed rotating workpieces (from 500 to 10,000 rpm)


Improper use of lubricating oil can cause dynamic balance failure

Improper use of lubricating oil can cause dynamic balance failure

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In the application of dynamic balancing machine, it is necessary to pay attention to the reasonable addition of lubricating oil to ensure the normal operation of the dynamic balancing machine and avoid damage to the equipment caused by friction. However, the unreasonable addition of lubricating oil will also have the necessary influence, and the following will be accompanied by Guangzhou Zhuo Xuanjin. Let's take a look at the faults caused by the lubrication problem of the balancing machine.

1. Environmental pollution caused by oil leakage in the cabinet
In the dynamic balancing machine, the oil leakage of the tank due to damage to the oil seal, damage to the seal, loose oil plug or damage to the oil mark, too much oil, excessive oil or multiple cold starts The lubricating oil causes foaming, which causes a lot of oil leakage at the vent plug and seriously pollutes the environment.

2, the oil temperature is too high, resulting in damage to components
During the operation of the dynamic balancing machine, the internal lubricating oil temperature of the dynamic balancing machine rises rapidly due to insufficient lubricating oil or high-load operation of the equipment, causing local damage to the relevant components inside the balancing machine. Some components are not eliminated due to internal stress, and the thermal balance is greatly reduced due to the large thermal deformation. Some components are damaged due to the low strength of the material under high temperature conditions. In addition, some dynamic balancing machines that are inflexible and seriously depleted in power during the operation process, when there is foreign matter intrusion, the transmission parts are stuck, and uneven operation or abnormal vibration occurs.

3. The internal structure design of the dynamic balancing machine is not standardized.
In the construction of the dynamic balancing machine, because the cover plate on the inspection hole is too thin, the part is easily deformed after the screw is tightened, and the contact gap causes oil leakage. During the manufacturing process, the casting is not annealed and the deformation causes the gap to be caused. The oil leakage will also be due to the fact that there is no design oil return groove on the tank. When excessive oil accumulates at the end cover and the structural joint surface of the reducer casing, the pressure difference causes the lubricating oil to leak outward from the joint gap.

The dynamic balancing machine must be properly added with lubricating oil before application. Of course, care should be taken to avoid the impact of the lubricating oil problem on the dynamic balancing machine, so as to prevent the above failures, and thus damage the dynamic balancing machine and affect its application.