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Professionally provides dynamic balance detection, correction and dynamic balance cleaning equipment for all types of high speed rotating workpieces (from 500 to 10,000 rpm)


Interpretation of the working principle of the dynamic balancing machine

Interpretation of the working principle of the dynamic balancing machine

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In manufacturing and life, rotating rotors are widely used, such as automobile brake discs, crankshafts, supercharger rotors, fan impellers, etc. When the unbalanced rotor rotates, the centrifugal force caused by each particle of the rotor cannot cancel each other out. Causes mechanical vibrations that can cause mechanical failures that can cause safety failures. Therefore, most of the rotors are measured by the dynamic balance of the dynamic balancing machine. Then how does the dynamic balancing machine perform dynamic balance measurement on the rotor? How much do you know about the working principle of the dynamic balancing machine? Let's take a look at Guangzhou Zhuo Xuanjin Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.:
Dynamic balancing machine works
In the case of rotor rotation, the phase and magnitude of the unbalance of the rotor are measured, and the weighting or de-weighting is performed at the opposite part according to the manual or auxiliary device, thereby improving the quality distribution of the rotor relative to the axis, and achieving the goal of the rotor dynamic balance. The basic principle of dynamic balancing machine work.

The key to balancing the machine is to measure the phase and magnitude of the rotor imbalance. A part of the dynamic balancing machine (such as the fully automatic balancing machine) is equipped with auxiliary devices for rotor and de-weighting.
How to carry out rotor dynamic balance measurement with dynamic balancing machine
The dynamic balancing machine is a typical mechatronic device, which can be divided into the machine itself, the driving part and the transmission part, the signal collecting part, and the central processing unit. Each part performs its own functions and cooperates with each other.
The machine itself is divided into three parts: the bed, the swing frame and the head box. It is used for the support of the rotor. The rotor with different weight and specifications needs to choose the mechanical body with relative configuration to ensure the precision of the rotor dynamic balance and the operator. Security.
The driving part provides the power for the rotation of the rotor, and the transmission part refers to the process shaft, the link shaft or the fixing device required for the rotation of the rotor.
The signal acquisition part is used for the collection and preliminary processing of the rotor vibration signal. It is divided into the speed collection and the centrifugal force. The dynamic balance machine first needs to measure the rotation speed of the workpiece to confirm the magnitude of the centrifugal force. When the rotor rotates, it will cause the vibration of the mechanical part. The sensor collects the vibration signal and transmits it to the central processing unit after some processing.

The central processing unit is divided into a main board, a filter board, an A/D acquisition card, and a passive backplane for converting, filtering, and calculating the rotor vibration signal, thereby calculating the phase and magnitude of the rotor unbalance amount, thereby being displayed on the screen of the computer.
Dynamic balance machine performance indicators
The minimum reach of the remaining unbalance and the imbalance reduction rate are key performance parameters of the dynamic balancing machine. The minimum unbalanced amount is the minimum unbalance of the rotor after dynamic balancing treatment, which is the embodiment of the precision of the dynamic balancing machine; the imbalance reduction rate is the ratio of the unbalanced amount and the original unbalanced amount after one equilibrium. Dynamic balance machine balance efficiency. When we purchase a dynamic balancing machine, these two performance indicators need to be considered.
The dynamic balancing machine is used for the dynamic balance measurement of the rotor, which can reasonably improve the quality of the rotor and mechanical equipment. It is an indispensable instrument for many manufacturers.
After seeing this, I think everyone will know a little more about how to choose the rotor balancing machine. Customers can learn about this content from the Internet and mobile phones. I hope that the knowledge of Zhuo Xuanjin will help everyone!