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Professionally provides dynamic balance detection, correction and dynamic balance cleaning equipment for all types of high speed rotating workpieces (from 500 to 10,000 rpm)


How to choose the speed of the dynamic balancing machine?

How to choose the speed of the dynamic balancing machine?

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If you choose to buy a dynamic balancing machine, when you first start using it, the problem is coming. How do you choose the speed of the balancing machine?
Factors to consider when selecting the speed of the balancing machine
There are many factors to consider when selecting the speed of a dynamic balancing machine. Some people think that the dynamic balance should be the same as the actual working speed of the rotor when correcting the dynamic balance, so the high speed is often required. In fact, for a rigid rotor, regardless of its actual working speed or dynamic balancing speed, it is far less than the critical speed of the rotor itself. Therefore, as long as the "low speed" is able to achieve the precision of the dynamic balance, the rotor is actually The specified precision requirements can still be achieved under working speed conditions. In general, most of the fan rotors are rigid rotors, which are usually balanced at low speeds to meet the application precision requirements of the fan rotor.
If the speed selection is too high, the starting power, operation time, lubrication and maintenance are all higher than those of the low speed. Therefore, the balance adjustment should be performed at a lower speed as much as possible under the premise of precision. Therefore, usually for the dynamic balancing machine that calibrates the rigid rotor, I usually do not call it "low-speed dynamic balancing machine".
Dynamic balancing machine specification
The “balancing balance speed” is specified in the dynamic balancing machine specification, and its actual meaning is the rotational speed of the dynamic balancing machine when the dynamic balance is corrected. Generally, the dynamic balancing machine has two types of "fixed speed" and "stepless" speed. The former means that the dynamic balancing machine can only perform dynamic balance correction at a specified speed, such as 300r/min or 600r/min. The latter means that the dynamic balancing machine can be selected at a wide range of speeds, such as 180-2800r/min, which means that the dynamic balancer calibration can be performed at a free speed within the range of 180r/min-2800r/min.