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Professionally provides dynamic balance detection, correction and dynamic balance cleaning equipment for all types of high speed rotating workpieces (from 500 to 10,000 rpm)


How much do you know about the vertical balancing machine?

How much do you know about the vertical balancing machine?

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The vertical balancing machine refers to a balancing machine in which the drive spindle is a vertical installation. The vertical dynamic balance machine detection principle is basically the same as that of the general horizontal dynamic balance machine. There are also soft support and hard support, single or double-sided, but it is suitable for parts without a spindle. Its drive spindle is mounted vertically. It is suitable for detecting the dynamic balance measurement of brake discs, brake drums, saw blades, impellers, blades, flywheels, saw blades, etc. The calibration can be done by feeding method. The following is a brief introduction to the product knowledge of the vertical balancing machine.
All the rotors on the machinery and equipment used in the manufacturing industry rotate around its axis, precisely because of the uneven distribution of the mass distribution with respect to the axis, which causes centrifugal force. This type of unbalanced centrifugal force causes vibrations in the rotor bearings, which in turn causes noise and accelerates the loss of the bearing, which seriously jeopardizes the characteristics and service life of the product. Rotating parts such as motor rotors, machine tool spindles, internal combustion engine crankshafts, turbine rotors, gyro rotors and watch balances are subject to dynamic balance correction during the manufacturing process to operate smoothly and normally. Therefore, the vertical dynamic balancing machine can play a perfect role. The dynamic balancing machine can not only complete the problems caused by the work, but also the production quality is excellent, stable and reliable, and the price is low, which leads to the vertical dynamic balancing machine gaining many domestic and foreign Customer trust and support.


Single-sided vertical balancing machines and double-sided vertical balancing machines are two common vertical balancing machines that use the gravity of the rotor itself to detect static imbalances. If the rotor placed on the two horizontal rails has an unbalanced amount, its relative moment to the axis causes the rotor to roll on the guide rail until the unbalance is at the lowest position.
Correcting the imbalance of the rotor according to the data detected by the dynamic balancing machine can improve the mass distribution of the rotor relative to the shaft, and cause the vibration caused by the rotor during the rotation, that is, the vibration force acting on the bearing, thereby lowering to the allowable standard. Therefore, the vertical dynamic balancing machine is an indispensable measuring instrument for reducing vibration, improving characteristics and improving quality.
In general, the dynamic balance of the rotor contains two steps of detecting and correcting the amount of imbalance. The vertical balancing machine is suitable for detecting the amount of imbalance. The correction of the unbalance is usually done by drilling machine, milling machine and other auxiliary equipment (such as spot welding machine) or manually. The dynamic balancing machine calibration device has become part of the dynamic balancing machine.