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Professionally provides dynamic balance detection, correction and dynamic balance cleaning equipment for all types of high speed rotating workpieces (from 500 to 10,000 rpm)


How to effectively complete the wind blade dynamic balance correction?

How to effectively complete the wind blade dynamic balance correction?

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Whether it is the choice of thermal spray treatment of the blades, or the use of various ways to descale the blades, the effect will not be the same. After the fan has been used for a long time, the vibration will still exceed the allowable upper limit. At this time, the problem of imbalance of the blades is only treated by dynamic balancing machine detection.
[Flat Blade Dynamic Balancing Machine] Intelligent, efficient and easy to operate
The wind blade balancing machine has a reliable design and uses Zhuo Xuanjin's measuring system. Dynamic and static balance, plus de-weighting, forward and reverse can be flexibly customized, and the balance of the display can be customized and customized. The precision of the display can also be customized to realize real-time conversion of units to consider different customer needs.
The purpose of the wind blade to do the balancing machine is
After the wind test is passed, the wind blade is calibrated by a separate wind blade dynamic balance machine. The purpose is to measure whether the material quality is uniform and the manufacturing deviation, and reduce the unbalance amount to within the allowable range, which is the next step of the blade speed overspeed test. Prepare in advance.


The vertical dynamic balancing machine produced by Zhuo Xuanjin is capable of balancing rotors from 0.1 kg to 16 kg and workpieces with an outer diameter of 180 mm to 800 mm. All can choose vertical dynamic balancing machine, high precision, easy to operate and so on. The vertical dynamic balancing machine is widely used in the dynamic balance detection of various types of disk loading work such as household appliance cooling fan, automobile cooling fan, air conditioning cooling fan vacuum cleaner fan, grinding wheel, brake disc, saw blade and so on.