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Dynamic balance test machine fever

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The dynamic balance tester is mainly used for the detection and correction of static and dynamic balance of various rotating workpieces. In order to make the dynamic balance test machine safe and effective in the work. The operator needs to maintain the dynamic balance test machine from time to time, such as the thermal balance test machine heating, and how to deal with the high temperature situation of the dynamic balance test machine.

Dynamic balance test machine heat, high temperature has many reasons, usually below 70 degrees is normal, if it exceeds 90 degrees then it is a serious high temperature fever; we must first analyze the detection of dynamic balance test machine fever, in order to find a solution.

1. The power of the balancing machine is too small: in the process of selecting the dynamic balance testing machine, the power is selected relatively small compared to its load, thus causing the “small horse-drawn cart”, so the balancing machine works very hard, the natural load If it is too heavy, the balance machine will heat up and reduce the life of the balancer. Solution: Re-estimate the workload and switch to a high-power balancing machine.

2. Insufficient lubricating oil or improper use of lubricating oil: In the working process, if the lubricating oil is too small, the friction between the gears is increased, and the balancing machine rises due to excessive friction temperature; Properly, such as high-power balancing machines to choose better lubricants, and low-power balancing machines apply grease.

3. The working environment is not ventilated: the working environment of the balancing machine is not ventilated. It is also an important reason for the heat. The balancing machine is placed at a dead angle or covered by objects for a long time, so that the balancing machine can not normally dissipate heat and cause high temperature. Causes the balance machine to burn out. Solution: Do a good ventilation environment. If the temperature is too high, you can blow it with a fan to help cool down.

4. Assembly and quality problems: If the dynamic balance tester is not properly installed, there is an error, causing excessive friction and causing heat. Or the problem of balancing the quality of the machine itself, the parts are rough, and the amount of friction is increased.

In addition, the bearing balance of the dynamic balance tester is also one of the tests. The following is a brief description of the heat generation.

First, insufficient cooling, blocked water pipes or insufficient water pressure;

Second, the quality of the cooling water is not satisfactory, and there are many residues and impurities;

Third, the hot air entering the mill has a high temperature or does not stop the hot air;

Fourth, the insulated asbestos rope that protects the hollow shaft falls off;

Fifth, poor contact, improper installation.

In order to make the dynamic balance test function safe and effective correction during work. Daily dynamic balance testing machine maintenance is necessary. When the temperature of the dynamic balance tester exceeds the maximum operating temperature or the temperature rise exceeds the regulation or the temperature rise does not exceed the regulation, but the temperature rise suddenly increases at a low load, the gear balancer is faulty. If you have any questions about the dynamic balance test machine, please contact Zhuo Xuanjin dynamic balancing machine.