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Three ways to help you solve the problem of oil leakage in the dynamic balance test machine

Three ways to help you solve the problem of oil leakage in the dynamic balance test machine

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The dynamic balance testing machine is a kind of precision instrument. It has a wide range of applications. With the attention paid to the quality of machinery, many problems have begun to surface. Mechanical oil leakage is the most common problem and the most deadly. One, if the handling is not good, the consequences are unimaginable, but many people do not know how to solve this situation due to the experience of the problem, the following small series will come to share three solutions with you.
First, “Changyou” will cause oil leakage if a large amount of lubricating oil accumulates in the shaft seal. Therefore, in order to allow excess lubricating oil to eventually flow into the oil pool, we can place the lower tile center and end cap of the bearing base. Each of the straight mouths opens a gap and ensures that the direction of the notch is directly opposite the direction of the oil groove. In this way, the excess lubricating oil that is pulled out by the gear can finally flow back to the oil pool in a certain direction. And this process is called Changyou.

Second, improve the shaft seal construction. This method of troubleshooting can be performed from the following aspects.

1. Using a new type of sealing material. If the balance machine leaks oil at its static sealing point during use, it can be repaired by using surface engineering technology and new polymer materials.

2. Wipe. After the static sealing point of the balancing machine is repaired, there is generally no oil leakage. However, the dynamic sealing point will leak due to the unqualified quality of the sealing member and its own aging. At this time, we must stop the equipment after the equipment is shut down. Wipe it.

3. The output shaft is improved for the balance shaft seal of the entire shaft. To simplify the installation process, we have designed a beautiful new end cap, the split end cap.

4. The balance shaft seal of the output shaft is half shaft.

5. Carefully implement the overhaul process. When the balance machine is overhauled, it must be carefully implemented in strict accordance with the standards. For example, pay attention not to enclose the oil, to ensure that the spring does not fall off and so on.

Third, improve the venting cap and inspection hole cover. The pressure difference inside and outside the balancing machine is also an important factor in oil leakage. Because the hole of the vent cap is relatively small, and it is easy to be blocked by pulverized coal during work, resulting in oil leakage. Therefore, the oil cup type venting cap was researched and applied to the balancing machine. Its use effectively reduces the risk of oil spills.

It can be seen from the paper that there are three main countermeasures for eliminating the leakage of the balancing machine. These three countermeasures are also carried out for some technical defects of their own existence. Therefore, in order to reduce the failure of the dynamic balance test machine, we must continuously improve its performance.