ZXJ-1A-R automatic drilling type dynamic balancing machine

ZXJ-1A-R automatic drilling type dynamic balancing machine

This device is suitable for automatic balance measurement and correction of the rotor of the motor. The whole system consists of dynamic balance measuring station, unbalanced de-duty station and automatic transfer station; the operator only needs to put the rotor into the measuring station, and the measurement, correction and re-inspection of the rotor unbalance are automatically calculated by the equipment. The device can adapt to a variety of different specifications of the rotor, one-time registration correction, when calling at any time, when changing specifications, only need to change part of the fixture of the correction station; the device is convenient to operate, high efficiency, no need to label, find angle, at home Leading technology level, suitable for balancing correction of high-volume motor rotors.

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Fully automatic drilling dynamic balancing machine permanent magnet rotor dynamic balancing machine
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